3 Fast & Simple Options for Liability Waivers in the COVID- 19 Era

You’ve considered your entire guest experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, including social distancing measures so people can enjoy themselves safely. But how can you manage activity liability waivers in the COVID-19 era?

Of course, you might still rely on the old pen and paper option. But you’ll need to endlessly replace hand sanitiser and pens, and having guests fill in paper forms can lead to queues that are anything but COVID-safe. Plus, you’ll need to print, stack and store paper waivers and manually enter guest data into your system. There are far simpler ways to get your activity waiver forms signed; here are three of the best.

  • A custom QR code poster

    You can get liability waivers signed easily on the day by displaying a custom QR code on your premises. Thanks to COVID-19 most people are now familiar with the process of scanning QR codes with their phone, and this is a fast and contactless way to get the signatures you need stored in an online database. You can also build your QR code at no cost; Wherewolf Lite is free for up to 400 waivers per month and there are simple monthly plans available if you require more.

  • A pre-arrival waiver solution

    Why not have your liability waivers filled out ahead of time? This reduces queues on the day and is another fast and contactless option. Wherewolf allows you to send out a simple link by email or SMS that directs guests to a professional web form, which can also capture a digital signature. All data will be stored in the cloud for easy access. And by integrating your free waiver signing app with a booking platform such as Bookeo, Peek Pro or FareHarbor, you can automatically send out a liability waiver form for each booking without lifting a finger.

  • A check-in kiosk

    If you prefer the hands-on approach, then an iPad check-in app can be an ideal option for managing liability waivers in the COVID-19 era. Choose any of Wherewolf’s paid accounts, and you can create a check-in app with your own branding. Guests who have already filled in their waivers ahead of time can quickly check themselves in (or have a staff member do so), and anyone who hasn’t signed their waiver yet can do so right there in the app. Just be sure to add a bottle of hand sanitiser next to your check-in kiosk for guest peace of mind.

Wherewolf is being used across a diverse range of services, from healthcare to retail, spas to escape rooms. We’d love to show you a personal demo without any obligation to see how well it could work for you.

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