3 Ways a Contactless Check-In and Waiver App Provides Peace of Mind for Operators

If you weren’t already across the concept of contactless check-ins before the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve almost certainly come across it since!


Checking in via link or QR code allows a guest or visitor to register their details and to acknowledge a liability waiver, all without touching shared surfaces. This can provide welcome peace of mind for your guests in a post-pandemic world – but can also provide reassurance for you as a tour or activity operator in the following important ways. 


Contactless check-in helps you to optimise guest safety

Even a socially-distanced tour or activity could run the risk of transmission if guests have to share a pen or clipboard. With contactless check-ins and waivers, you can simply have guests complete the process on their own smartphone either before the tour or on the day, via URL link or QR code. This helps you to optimise the safety and wellbeing of guests. It also allows you to build trust with guests by promoting a ‘contactless check-in mobile app’ as a feature on your booking pages.


You won’t need to worry about missing or incomplete waivers

By sending out waivers ahead of time and having guests check-in on their own device, you can maintain a clear record of who’s completed their waiver and who hasn’t. If guests arrive without having signed their waiver, you can simply direct them to your branded, printed QR code so they can complete it on the spot. Not only does this mean you can easily note any important food allergies or sensitivities ahead of the guest experience, but you can also be confident about your online archive of liability waivers to protect your business. 


You can see who’s still onsite at any point in time

By using Wherewolf’s Active Dashboard, you could have guests check-in as they arrive and then manually check out each guest as they depart. This option can be ideal for self-guided tours, multi-day activities and camping trips where guests might be out in the wilderness, as you’ll know who’s still onsite at all times. You can also use Active Dashboard to maintain a stress-free record of hire equipment or safety gear, by allocating equipment to each guest and checking it back in as they depart.


The right check-in app for business means peace of mind for you. If you’re looking for a free guest check-in app, why not try Wherewolf Lite at no cost? You can use it to set up contactless online waivers and QR code check-ins quickly and easily.

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