3 Ways to Stand Out In Your Industry

Travellers all over the world are raring to go, so it’s time to review what sets your business apart from the rest. How can you attract new customers and welcome back the ones who already know you well? It’s easy to achieve both of these with some simple process changes and campaigns; to start, let’s look at the 3 main drivers for tourism in the present and future of travel.




Ever been cooped up at home, bingeing on TV series that you’ve seen a hundred times while dining on whatever snack food is nearest? The majority of the planet has been, so what was a distant allure is now becoming urgently overdue. The concept of ‘wellness’ is thrown around but not many providers can package the feeling of mental refreshment, of emotional success, and the physical confidence that an active experience can. 

Does your attraction include fresh air? Physical activity? Socialising? Sightseeing? Don’t take those for granted, their value is clearer now than ever. 


You could:

  • Work with an influencer or local wellness group to promote your product.
  • Create a package deal that caters to the idea of wellness and wellbeing. 
  • Get your social media humming with pictures and videos of all the fun that your guests are having.


Hygiene and Cleanliness


As we’re 18 months into a global pandemic, this should be an obvious one by now. Give your guests peace of mind by outlining your safety protocols and the steps you’ve taken to keep them healthy and safe. 


You can make space on your website or onsite to explain these – it might include using contactless digital waivers, sanitising equipment between guests, requiring evidence of vaccinations or negative tests, or any other steps you’re encouraged to take in line with your local government guidelines. 


Ethical Values


Consumers in almost every market are becoming more discerning with their dollar and looking for brands that they can support conscientiously. If you already align yourself with a charity or cause, then make sure your customers know! If they’re visiting your website and stacking you up against competitors, knowing that your offering will help support a cause they care about will tip the odds in your favour. If you’re not working with a cause your care about, consider where you can incorporate it with sincerity. 


You may make a donation off each purchase (for example, with 10% of profits going to whale research), participate in a volunteer program (like taking one day a year for wildlife rehabilitation), or seek endorsement from a group that advocates for a code of conduct (such as finding a well-known organisation that champions workplace diversity or zero-carbon emissions). Demonstrate your values through your product to entice those customers who make purposeful purchasing. Wherewolf users can even include questions in their check-in process to find out from their customers themselves what they’d like to support.


You may be doing these already, so the only thing left to do is to show it off! Add meaningful content to your website, social media, and follow-up emails – the adventurers of 2021 are waiting!

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