3 Ways to Use Your Electronic Waiver System as a Powerful Marketing Tool

There’s no doubt an electronic waiver system makes life simpler and cuts down on unnecessary paperwork in your tour or activity business. But the right system won’t just save you time; it could also help you to boost your booking and customer numbers. Here are three simple yet powerful ways that you can use your Wherewolf online waiver software as a mighty marketing tool.

1. Follow up experiences to encourage ratings and reviews
If there’s one type of marketing that customers trust the most, it’s word of mouth. Wouldn’t you be more likely to book a tour or activity if someone had recommended it to you? This is why it can be so useful to send out a follow-up email after each guest experience, asking them for a rating or review on your chosen site. Facebook is potent, because friends and family members will see the person leaving a review, but Google and TripAdvisor also have broad-reaching audiences. Within Wherewolf’s electronic waiver service, you can configure and customise this type of follow-up email to be sent out automatically after each tour or activity.

2. Gain insights via analytics for more targeted marketing
Wherewolf has the smarts to capture all sorts of useful details from your guests so you can understand your customers better and capitalise on this knowledge for your marketing. You’ll be able to ask and analyse where guests live and how they learned about your tours or activities. If you’ve integrated Wherewolf electronic waiver software with your booking platform, this will give you further details into when and how people have made reservations, and which offerings are most popular. You can then use these insights to target your advertising and marketing spend to where it’s most profitable.

3. Integrate for extended marketing capabilities
Wherewolf integrates with a diverse range of marketing and operational tools, including Constant Contact, Kounta, MailChimp and more. What does this mean for your marketing? It’s completely your choice! You could send bulk SMS and targeted emails to guests, sell or share photos from your guest experiences, and encourage social sharing. You could also easily produce promo codes and discounts to encourage repeat bookings. With integration, you can have a whole raft of additional marketing functions to build your business the way you want to. Here at Wherewolf we’re all about helping you to better understand, support and increase your customers. If you haven’t already experienced the waiver platform, why not request a demo and see the benefits for

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