4 Reassuring Benefits of Digital Patient Registration & Check-in

Your patients and their wellbeing are naturally your #1 priority as a health or care provider, and a digital patient registration solution can help you to optimise safety and service for those patients. Let’s take a look at the some of the reassuring benefits of using a digital registration and check-in system.


You can minimise transmission risks between patients 

Whether we’re talking about COVID-19 or common healthcare associated infections (HIAs), there’s no doubt that infection control will be an important aspect of your patient care. It’s easy to provide a contactless patient registration process that minimises the risk of transmission. You could do this by sending out waivers via a simple link ahead of time, or having guests check-in by scanning a QR code using their own phone as they arrive. Such a safe and contactless registration process can provide real peace of mind for you and your patients.


You can improve your patient experience

By using a digital registration system such as Wherewolf, you can customise questions to suit your practice or clinic. For example, you might ask new patients about past reactions to medications, allergies or sensitivities. You can also use this system to outline the risks involved with a procedure, and have patients acknowledge these with an electronic signature. This type of registration process can help to provide a fully-informed and more tailored patient experience.   


You can maintain an active register of post-operative patients

Let’s say you need to monitor a patient’s recovery after a vaccination or procedure. By using Wherewolf’s Active Dashboard, you can have guests check themselves in before the procedure and then check each patient out manually on your own device as they depart. This active register makes it simple to see who’s at your practice and how long they’ve been there, so you can accurately monitor patient health and wellbeing. 


You can minimise errors for accurate data entry

The traditional process of patient registration involves asking patients to fill in a physical form on a clipboard with someone, typically a receptionist, entering data manually for each patient. However, providing an intuitive patient check-in app, QR code or link allows patients to enter their data and sign a waiver directly within one system. You and your reception staff can easily access important guest data in the database without trying to decipher handwriting, which can minimise errors for patient care and the patient experience.

Wherewolf is used by medical practices, health and beauty clinics, aged care homes and other organisations for patient registration. Explore the features in full, or register for your free demo today.

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