4 Ways To Re-Engage Tour Customers With Their Contact Data

It’s only natural to be looking forward as you gain new customers for your tour or activity business, but it’s also well worth your while to stay connected with the customers who’ve already had a great experience with you and can recommend you to family and friends. Here are four simple ways to re-engage with your previous tour guests and customers.   

  1. Request customer feedback

Asking for feedback soon after your tour or activity lets your guests know that you really care about their experience, and it also gives you useful information so you can continue to improve your offerings. You might choose to offer a discount on a repeat booking to encourage your guests to leave a rating and review. Wherewolf’s liability waiver software makes it easy to set up and send automated follow-up emails to your customer database.

  1. Create a loyalty program 

If you’re running a tour business that lends itself well to repeat visits, then it could well be worth having a loyalty program in place to reward those who come back for additional experiences with you. You could offer discounts for repeat bookings over email, or offer free add-ons like photos or merch if they rebook with you. Guests are far more likely to bring their visiting family and friends if they have an incentive to do so.

  1. Create your own community

If you offer photography as part of your services then it can be a great idea to publish images on your social media accounts following each tour, and hand out a card or send emails to let guests know where they can be found. This can be a really engaging and effective way to get guests to connect with your page and community. And having your own online community provides a fantastic opportunity to provide regular updates and resources…

  1. Remarket through regular and useful content

Whether it’s on social media or via email, staying in touch with past guests enables you to stay front of mind and promote your products on an ongoing basis. Perhaps you might recommend handy gift experiences for family and friends, or suggest experiential ideas for the upcoming season or holiday. Remember, the key to meaningful messaging is to be both relevant and useful to your customers.

Understanding your audience is key as you connect with past guests, which is why a streamlined, connected booking and services waiver process can be invaluable. By integrating your Wherewolf waiver platform with your booking platform, you can track customer behaviour and sources throughout the entire customer journey and gain valuable insights into who’s booking and enjoying your tours and activities. We’d be happy to help you take through the full features of Wherewolf with a personalised demo.

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