5 High-Octane Travel Activities that Demand the Use of Waivers

Your guests join your adventure experiences specifically for the thrills and spills. But wherever there’s risk that you can’t entirely control, there are good reasons to use an activity liability waiver. Waivers can help to inform your guests about the risks involved, cover off the important safety aspects they need to know about, and also help to protect the business you’ve put so much love and hard work into. If you’re running high-adrenaline activities such as these, it’s important to consider a waiver solution.

Flyboarding is a profitable business option and a way to share amazing experiences, but it can also involve an inherent level of risk. Injuries could happen if a guest hasn’t paid attention to safety training, or if they tweak their neck or back in the middle of a flyboarding experience. The same goes for skydiving and indoor skydiving experiences. Fortunately, it’s easy to automatically send guests a link to your travel waiver form before the experience begins, to ensure they’ve fully understood and acknowledged your safety training.

Diving with sharks
Whether swimming in a shark cage in Hawaii or snorkelling with whale sharks on Western Australia’s coastline, getting up close and personal with any animal significantly larger than a human can have its risks. In 2020 one woman was very lucky to survive a snorkelling expedition after becoming trapped between two humpback whales. Have your guests sign a clear activity waiver, and they’ll be informed and better prepared for the risks.

Glider flights
There are few experiences quite like gliding through the air along thermal currents. The cost and complexities of running a glider flight company can be high, and the last thing you’ll want is legal action if something outside of your control occurs. An online waiver system can help you to clarify the risks and gain your guests’ agreement before they arrive on the day of their flight.

Jet boat rides
You can absolutely make someone’s day when taking them on a high-speed thrill ride, but it’s also important that they acknowledge the assumption of risk prior to boarding the boat. With Wherewolf you can have guests complete a liability waiver online before the day itself, or have them scan your QR code on the day for easy contactless waivers and check-ins.

Horse riding
Horse riding might not immediately seem a high-risk activity, but did you know that in Australia horses are responsible for more human deaths than snakes, spiders and bees combined? As much as you understand and respect your animals, you’ll know that injuries can still happen. Ensure your staff and business are protected by sending out an effortless automated waiver before each guest experience.

When you’re providing the best travel activities, ensure you’re using the best online waiver solution. Explore Wherewolf now, and send easy waivers to your guests ahead of time or on the day.

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