5 Ways a Digital Waiver App Can Rapidly Enhance Your Customer Experience

A digital waiver app like Wherewolf not only makes it easier to run your business, but it can also have profound benefits for your customer experience. Happier staff, happier customers – what’s not to love?

Here are five of the ways that a digital waiver solution can transform your customer experience from the very beginning.

  • A simplified waiver experience

By sending your customers a link via email or SMS, guests can look through and sign T&Cs on their own device at a pace that suits them. Signing a digital waiver simply becomes a smooth part of the booking process, rather than a paper-and-pen process that holds up fun on the day. The system works just like a free signature app, without the need for any coding or expensive development.

  • Polished branding 

A waiver solution like Wherewolf is incredibly flexible, so you can customise both the waiver form fields as well as the colours and logo that guests will see. When they open your link or sign in on the day, they’ll see what looks like a professional mobile waiver app without any downloads required. You can also produce a custom QR code with your colours and logo that guests can simply scan as they arrive.

  • Smaller check-in queues

Because you can streamline your check-in and waiver process, any check-in queues can be kept to a pleasing minimum. Guests can sign their waiver ahead of time, or on the day via your branded app or QR code. There’s less admin time required on the day, and more time to enjoy the actual customer experience!

  • Follow-up messaging

Wherewolf’s paid plans include the option of sending automated follow-up emails to your guests. This allows you to provide that extra level of attention and to thank them for joining your experience. It also means you can ask for reviews on TripAdvisor, Google or your website of choice. Great feedback and any not-so-great feedback can be used to refine your customer experiences over time.

  • Five-star customer service

Wherewolf helps you to improve your customer service in a number of ways. The better check-in and waiver experience is the most immediate. Real-time trip manifests allow you to personalise customer experiences in terms of dietary requirements or other preferences. And your marketing and analytics suite can give you detailed insights into how, when, where and why customers are booking with you to finetune your customer service.

Check out how other tour and activity operators are using Wherewolf to enhance and customise their own customer experiences!

If you’re looking for a free waiver signing app, you can currently try Wherewolf Lite for free for up to 50 monthly waivers and simply upgrade for additional features, integration and functionality. We’d love to have you with us!

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