5 Ways to Protect Your Tour or Activity Business from Uncertainty

Risk and uncertainty can be an aspect of running any business, but particularly so when you’re running a tour or activity business. Not only is there risk management to consider specific to your business, but also rapid changes within the tourism industry and shifting guest expectations! Here are five key ways you can protect your business in the midst of uncertainty.  

  • Tourism operator insurance 

Insurance is one of the most essential elements for any business offering tours and activities. Depending on your cover it can help to protect your business against third-party claims for personal injury or property damage, as well as protecting your business against incidents such as fire, flood or cyber-attack. Effective risk management is imperative for minimising premiums and the need for claims, which leads us onto…

  • Liability waivers 

A liability waiver not only helps to inform your guests of the inherent risks involved in the experience you’re offering, but also helps to protect your business if something outside your control should happen. It’s now incredibly easy to take digital waivers online with the right provider, and this has the additional benefit of enhancing your customer experience. Wherewolf digital waivers can either be sent via link ahead of time or completed via QR code as guests arrive. 

  • Visitor registration

Visitor registration is now a mandatory process for many businesses across the world thanks to COVID-19, but this step can also help you to manage guest safety. With an option such as Wherewolf’s Active Dashboard, you can see who’s onsite or on a tour at any time and ensure no one has been left behind. It also enables you to easily track safety and other equipment to minimise the risk of injury and incidents.

  • Data and analytics 

One of the risks for a tour or activity business is pouring time and resources into a guest experience or a strategy shift that doesn’t actually prove to be successful. You can minimise the uncertainty around business decisions by using your guest analytics in Wherewolf and your online reservation system, to better understand your guests’ motivations and behaviours. 

  • Support and initiatives

In times of general uncertainty such as sudden COVID-19 lockdowns, bushfires or natural events, there may well be support available to your business in the form of government grants or programs. Together with keeping up-to-date on these initiatives, it’s also worth reaching out to fellow operators and your business network in these times to share support and resources. 

Wherewolf is here to help your business thrive amongst uncertainty. Book your free demo of our seamless digital waiver experience, or sign up for your free Wherewolf Lite account today.

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