6 Common Concerns About Online Waivers for Tourism

We know that when it comes to your liability waivers, you won’t want to take any chances – after all, your waivers can play a vital role in managing risks for your tourism business or organisation. You can either take traditional paper waivers or start using online waivers.

An online waiver solution such as Wherewolf allows you to completely digitise the waiver process, sending out a link via email or text so guests can sign waivers ahead of time on their own device. These waivers can also be signed as guests arrive onsite using a custom branded app. Because this process is a little different to the ol’ clipboard and pen, we thought we’d address some of the common concerns we hear about online waivers with clear and confusion-free information.

Will online waivers take more time than paper waivers for my business?

No way – especially when you think about the time it takes to print waivers, store them, and manually enter guest data into any systems you might use. Online waivers are much faster. If you integrate Wherewolf with your reservation system, your waiver link can even be automatically sent out with each booking. Each completed waiver is then automatically added to your online database, with no manual entry required. It’s incredibly fast and convenient.

Are online waivers more complicated for guests?

Online waivers are simpler and more polished for your guests than paper options. Wherewolf can pre-fill information from an integrated reservation platform so guests will have minimal information to enter. The link works on any device – no download needed! You might also be wondering, ‘can you type an electronic signature?’. With Wherewolf you don’t need to – the form has a section where guests can easily provide their online waiver signature using their finger or stylus.

What happens if the guest doesn’t sign their online waiver ahead of time?

If guests don’t follow the link and fill in the online waiver ahead of time, then they can simply do so as they arrive on the day. With Wherewolf you can easily create your custom branded iPad app so guests can check in and sign their waiver if they haven’t done so already. This makes it easy as pie to set up a check-in kiosk in your entryway.

What happens if I lose internet connection?

One of the common concerns about online waiver forms is whether iffy internet reception might interfere with your ability to collect important liability waivers. This can be a particular worry for activities and experiences where you’re out in the field, such as caving, water sports or extreme activities. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue with Wherewolf because the app works while offline and updates your database as soon as it comes online again.

Can these online waivers be tampered with?

Absolutely not. Once a digital waiver signature has been signed and submitted, no one can alter the signature in the secure system. Having an electronic record of where, when and how the signature was made provides a reliable audit trail for insurance companies if a claim ever needs to be made. And with pre-filled customer information and a guided process, there’s less chance that any waiver will be signed out incorrectly or left incomplete.

A free personal demo is one of the best ways to clear up any questions you might have about Wherewolf and online waivers – be sure to book your demo today.

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