6 Digital Tools For The Small/ Medium Tourism Operator

Running a tourism operation means you have to be a jack of all trades – you may need to have one eye on the weather, and another in your balance sheet, all while managing your guests (not to mention your staff!). Are you running your business or is your business running you?

We have assembled a list of super handy and budget-friendly services from around the web and App Stores to take the weight off your shoulders – read on to find out what parts of your business can be improved with just a mouse-click!


Wave Accounting Software

Wave is an online accounting platform designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

It has awesome features like billing, payment tracking, accounting, invoicing, payroll suites, credit card processing, and more – and most of it is free!

You can manage all your bank account and credit card information in real-time and generate reports on the go and customize professional invoice templates so your brand is consistent.



Mailchimp is a marketing staple – create beautiful email campaigns with your logo and images, and pack it out with awesome updates and news for your guests to enjoy. Develop specialised audiences based on guest segments like people who are local to you, or guests who came for a particular tour, and share updates or promotions you think they’ll love. Once you’re comfortable with a bread-and-butter email campaign, explore their great reporting features and find out what parts of your strategy are on fire and which parts need a fire lit under them –tools like A/B testing or clickthrough rate data will make you a marketing wizard in no time. Pro-tip, Wherewolf customers can integrate their guest database directly into Mailchimp too! Use your guest data to curate awesome campaigns in no time.



If your operation is at the mercy of the weather, or if you just like to know what’s in store, then Windy is your new best friend.
Compiled from global satellite data, you can hone in anywhere to see the wind direction, rain/thunder forecasts, temperature, swell direction, sea temperature, freezing altitudes, and so much more. Break up with your weatherman, this website and app has everything you need. 



Wherewolf packs a punch for the nifty tourism operator, with a fully digital waiver collection from your custom iPad app or your web-based digital form. With integrations to all the major booking systems, your guest management suite takes care of your day and includes an automated follow-up email, encouraging your guests to engage with you after their experience on social media or online review platforms. Make your data work harder and use the powerful analytical reporting to uncover more business insights, and give your guests a premium experience from before they arrive, to after they leave. 



Take your current to-do list and write at the top: ‘Get a new to-do list’.

Todoist allows you to manage all the different parts of your day, from restocking the merchandise to weekly maintenance schedules or project planning. Available on apps or in your browser, Todoist is a simple and battle-tested tool that you’ll find yourself using more and more each day.


Your social media shouldn’t suffer when you’re busy, and Buffer can help with that. Schedule your content ahead of time by integrating Buffer with your platforms, and fill any gaps in the calendar to ensure your timeline is always exciting and fresh. For small businesses who don’t have a dedicated marketing team (or even those that do!), Buffer gives you the tools to enhance your online presence without logging on each day.

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