7 Great Booking Platforms That Integrate With Wherewolf

Having a smooth online booking process? Brilliant. Having a smooth online waiver process? Fantastic. 

Having an integrated booking and waiver process? 

Prepare for a whole new level of awesome. 

Why integrate your booking and waiver systems?

If you’re a tour or activity operator, you’ll know that digitising your tour operator waiver and booking processes can make your daily guest management a breeze. But it’s when you combine the two that things really start to work like magic. Guests are able to book online when it suits, and then a day or two before the event or activity they’ll receive a link to an activity waiver form to fill in at their leisure. After the event, they might receive a follow-up email thanking them for the experience and offering a discount for family or friends. Integration also makes life easier for you as the operator: you won’t need to lift a finger as this entire process can be automated once you’ve set everything up. 

So what are the integration options if you’re using Wherewolf online waiver forms

 1. Bookeo 

Bookeo is built for service providers, schools and tour companies and now has customers in over 120 countries. The platform has a dedicated product for tour and activity operators, which seamlessly connects customer details with Wherewolf to automate your waiver process. 

2. CustomLinc
CustomLinc is largely focused within Australasia, and supports operators in the tourism, transport and leisure industry. It’s ideally suited for transport and cruise operators, and it can quickly be integrated with Wherewolf so customers can be sent their waiver forms automatically.  

3. FareHarbor
FareHarbor was founded in Hawaii and now has seven offices around the world, helping activity and tourism businesses to take bookings easily online. You can enjoy smoother digital waivers, pre-arrivals, guest management and marketing with Wherewolf integration.

4. PeekPro 

PeekPro offers a seamless online booking process and integration with a range of popular marketing and analytics tools, with support that suits Pacific Time hours. When your PeekPro and Wherewolf accounts are integrated, the two share data for smarter guest management.

5. Rezdy

Rezdy was developed by a diving tour operator, and designed to help tour and activity operators worldwide get out from behind the admin desk and doing more of what they love. You can easily integrate your Rezdy booking system and online waiver forms with Wherewolf. 


RTBS was developed specifically to support the New Zealand tour and activity industry, and this online booking system gets a lot of local love. RTBS and Wherewolf play well together, sharing guest data so you can automatically send waiver links and connect with past guests.  

7. Xola
Xola provides a united marketing, reservation, payment and back-office management system for tour and activity operators, and the 24/7 live support is a great feature. If you use Xola and Wherewolf then integrating the two is a no-brainer, for an easier experience for both you and guests. 

If you’re currently considering Wherewolf to send out your waiver for tourism purposes, be sure to check out our case studies for real-world examples of how the platform, and its integration partners, can transform the way you manage guests and run your business.

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