Active Dashboard: The Simple Way to Manage Guests and Equipment Onsite

The best online waiver service can help you do so much more than simply take waivers. Within Wherewolf, you can manage onsite guests, safety and/or rental equipment all in the one system. Here are a couple of the areas where Wherewolf’s Active dashboard can prove incredibly useful for a tour or activity operator. 

Guest safety

Many operators need to have an accurate view of who’s onsite and when, and Wherewolf’s Active guest manifest makes this simple. As guests check-in via your QR code or waiver link, you’ll be able to see who’s arrived and who hasn’t. You can request and refer to important information such as age, medical conditions and dietary requirements in your electronic waiver service to tailor the experience as needed. You can also change guests from active to finalised on your guest manifest as they depart, so you’ll always know who’s still onsite. This can be an invaluable safety feature whether you’re running structured tours, self-guided tours or multi-day tours.

Rental equipment management

Let’s say you’re running a boat hire business in a location where the bird life is incredible, and you have a few sets of quality binoculars that guests can borrow and use. You can either set up your online waiver service to ask if guests would like to borrow a set of binoculars upon arrival, or have staff allocate a pair of binoculars to the guest as they depart. As guests return and you switch them from active to finalised in Wherewolf, you’ll be prompted to check whether the binoculars have been returned.      

PPE tracking

For this example, let’s assume you’re a master spelunker (not the insult it might sound like!) and you show guests through caves on a daily basis. You might provide each guest with a safety helmet and a pair of fingerless gloves, but perhaps these gloves get pocketed and accidentally taken home on a regular basis. Wherewolf can be used to ‘sign out’ and ‘sign in’ PPE equipment reliably, so that you can both be sure that every guest has received their PPE equipment – and that they’ve returned them at the end of the experience. 

If you’ve been searching for a free waiver app for iPad for your tours, activity or service, Wherewolf offers cost-effective plans that support your business in a multitude of ways. This includes online waivers, a customised iPad app for waivers and check-in, analytics and marketing tools. You can get started for free today.

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