All of the Industries That Can Benefit Using Waiver Software

Although Wherewolf is an ideal online waiver solution for the adventure tourism industry, there are also a vast variety of organisations that are now benefiting from this modern waiver system. Here are some of the various industries that can benefit using a solution like Wherewolf.

Restaurants, cafés, bars and venues

COVID-19 has changed the way we do many things. In many locations, venues are requiring customers to provide their details and sometimes complete a waiver at their point of entrance. Wherewolf is perfect for this purpose. You could set up your own waiver kiosk together with hand sanitiser where people can check-in easily on an iPad or other device. Or, you could display your customised QR code at the point of entrance and have customers scan to complete your check-in process on their own phone, therefore minimising contact even further. 

Spas, saunas and hairdressers

Whether you’re offering health or beauty treatments, providing hairdressing services or running a gym, you might be looking for a check-in or services waiver solution that makes it quick, easy and convenient for the customer to enter their details and agree to any conditions of entry. Perhaps you have certain safety guidelines you need customers to understand, or perhaps you just want to record names and contact details as they come in the door. Either way, Wherewolf is ideal for a waiver kiosk or device-based process.

Hospitals and telemedicine environments

If you’re still using a paper hospital waiver system to sign in visitors, then consider the clear advantages of a streamlined digital system. You can have guests sign in via a waiver kiosk at the front desk, or have them scan a QR code and read through important safety information on their own screen. Aged care environments can also use the free event registration system for safer visitor check-ins. An online waiver solution can also be ideal for telemedicine health care appointments. Just send through the link, and have them fill out the waiver from their own home. 


Perhaps you’re running a hotel, motel or hostel, or perhaps you have regular visitors to your farmstay which is also a working farm. If you need customer details, waiver agreements or a customisable sign-in process, then consider Wherewolf. You can gain a real-time record of all guests and important data including name, age, email and phone details, and have guests complete the form on their own device or when they arrive.  

Adventure tourism operators 

Wherewolf really comes into its own for adventure tourism operators, because that’s what the waiver solution was developed for. An online waiver can be sent out via an SMS or email before the tour even happens, or completed in person at a waiver kiosk or on the guest’s own phone. You’ll be able to start your tour with full information about your guests and the peace of mind that they’ve read through and met your safety requirements. You can explore our case studies to see the many ways Wherewolf can benefit your business, or request a personalised demo.

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