Be Our Guest: How Digital Registration Can Help Make Your Events and Experiences Even Better

You may be holding tours of your property, escape room events or a tourism event and looking for a way to take easy guest registrations. After all, your guest list is the glue that holds a great experience together – providing numbers and details for catering, seating and equipment planning – so you want it to be as seamless and reliable as possible! Thankfully, it’s easy to build your detailed guest list with Wherewolf Lite. Read on for how to gather guest registrations here.

Online registration for events and experiences

Wherewolf Lite works as a free event registration system that allows you to send out up to 50 customised waivers or registrations per month for free (and many more with one of our plans). You can email or SMS your invitees a link, where they can enter all required fields and even provide a digital signature if this is something you require – it’s perfect for trade shows or experiences where you need liability waivers signed by attendees. As guests register, their details are added to your digital guest list in real time so you can easily check people off once the day rolls around. You can also see answers to any specific questions that you’ve asked, such as their age.

Effortlessly integrate with a reservation system you might be using such as Bookeo, CustomLinc, FareHarbor, PeekPro, Rezdy, Xola or RTBS. As soon as a booking is made, you can configure Wherewolf to send out a registration or waiver link automatically to each guest. Payments, waivers and registrations can all be included in one easy process, with all guest data clearly displayed for you on the back-end.

Onsite registration for events and experiences

Want people to register as they walk in on the day? Not a problem!

Wherewolf Lite allows you to create a custom QR code featuring your colours and logo, which you can print out and display where your guests will arrive.

Each guest can scan the code with their phone’s camera app, which will take them directly to a customised form that feels like a smooth free event registration app. You can test out this easy process right now by scanning this sample QR code for hospitality.

Plus – a Wherewolf upgrade from Lite to a professional plan can also unlock a raft of features including smart marketing and analytics, operational integrations and a custom iPad check-in app for guests to use as they arrive.

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