Be sustainable…go digital!

Did you know?… that 72% of business leaders agree that improving the documentation process increases customer satisfaction*. Which means replacing your old fashioned clipboard process, with a custom iPad check-in app provided by Wherewolf, your customers will also have a better experience at your establishment. No brainer right?

So what is stopping you from moving to a digitally forward business model?

At Wherewolf we build the software for adventure tourism businesses like yours to manage guests from arrival to departure, eliminate paperwork, and more effectively acquire new customers.

By replacing the paper check-in process with a custom app you reduce the amount of paper your company requires. Not just the amount of paper you buy and use, but also the amount you store and then inevitably throw away. As the disclaimer waiver is a legal document, regulations state that you must retain these documents for a minimum of 7 years. That’s a lot of storage boxes.


With Wherewolf those all important signatures are no longer stored away amongst thousands of other sheets, but instead are saved in your Wherewolf database and can be easily accessed in seconds.

Not only are the signatures of each of your guests stored in your Wherewolf database, all of their information is too. So instead of spending hours inputting all your guests check-in information into a spreadsheet, unlikely to be looked at again, it’s all uploaded automatically for you. Reducing that admin headache and giving your staff more time to concentrate on the important things, like keeping your customers happy! It also eliminates the need to decipher customers illegible handwriting, making sure you capture those all important email addresses 100% of the time.

In short, we save you time and money, and you help strive to save the planet.



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