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Wherewolf Ticks the Boxes for Flyboard Cairns on Eco-Certification, Marketing Automation, and Safety Procedures

FlyBoard Cairns is an extreme water sports operator located in Cairns, Australia. The adventure activity combines wakeboarding with flying. Or, as Chris De Santo, the owner of FlyBoard Cairns puts it, “teaching people to defy gravity on jets of water.”

Photo Courtesy Flyboard Cairns.

Beyond delivering an adrenaline experience that has become popular for both tourist and locals alike, the business has worked hard to maintain a set of values that ensure that it is a conscientious steward for the environment including the Great Barrier Reef, the focal point to Cairns’ tourism experience.

A 100% Paperless Business

“We’re one of the only eco-certified flyboard companies in Australia and the world”, says Chris. “That’s mainly because we’ve been able to be a fully 100% paperless office using Wherewolf.”

“Before we used Wherewolf, paper waivers were a real big pain point for our business. We’re a watersports operation. It was difficult to keep clipboards dry and stop papers from blowing away in the wind,” said Chris.

But the bigger challenge was the wasted hours and inefficiency manually converting the paper docs into a usable spreadsheet format. “The only customer database we had was the information we could read off the paper waivers, which frankly, wasn’t much. Typos, bad data entry. It was a pain,” said Chris.

A member of the Flyboard Staff hand a customer the Wherewolf iPad app to check-in and complete their digital waiver. – Photo Courtesy Flyboard Cairns.

Today, when the guests arrive and complete the check-in app, the information is automatically added to the customer database. And better than a paper form, the Wherewolf check-in app gives Flyboard Cairns the ability to capture more customer data in a shorter amount of time.

“We collect all the demographic information about the customer we need, including age, sex, where they come from and where they heard about us. Pretty much everything we need to know to do any kind of marketing,” Chris said.

The Flyboard Cairns team can access that information on their desktop and tablet via the Wherewolf Dashboard, which includes a marketing analytics tool to help the team break down that customer data to make better advertising, marketing, and business decisions.  

Automating the customer follow-up

Capitalizing on customer euphoria in email follow-ups to customers after their visit generates more online reviews and repeat business. Before Wherewolf, that promptness was missing, and Flyboard Cairns was leaving some opportunity on the table.

“With paper waiver registrations…by the time we got around to converting the paper waivers to a digital format it could have been a week, even four weeks, before we’d be able to use that data to send a thank you email or ask customers to rate us on Facebook and Trip Advisor,” said Chris. “Customers are a lot less motivated to give a review then versus right after the experience.

A guest completes their registation and waiver process before starting the flyboard experience. – Photo Courtesy Flyboard Cairns.

Today guests receive an automatic follow-up, prompted by the Wherewolf app check-in. The company opted to use that integration feature to build a robust follow-up campaign. Customers receive 5 email ‘drips’ throughout the year, designed to promote brand awareness and to prompt repeat business

“We’ve been able to integrate a fully digital solution so that from the time the guests check in, until a year later, we’re communicating with them without any kind of manual, hands-on need because it’s all automated. The amount of time it saves us, and the number of returns we get back on that – it’s amazing.”

A Check-in Process with Safety Procedures Built In

In addition to key marketing information, Wherewolf makes collecting health and safety information for each guest via the medical questionnaire and the liability waiver each guest completes.

Co-owner Luke Kanowski emphasized that flyboarding is a higher risk activity. Guests are asked about their swimming ability, health risks, and other key factors, as well as acknowledging the risks of the activity before commencing. The app also requires Flyboard Cairns staff to review the data and sign-off on each participant’s response prior to take-off.

“The process that staff goes through to approve each customer is a really good way to show our insurers that we have physically checked our medical questionnaires for each customer,” said Luke.

It also allows the company to make informed decisions about each customer’s abilities and needs, and to tailor the experience accordingly – particularly important for those customers who are completing the experience with a disability or illness.

“Safety is one of our prime focuses here – and our insurance company is taking note. Because we have a process built into the check-in, we’re saving money on insurance versus other flyboard operators I know,” he said.

Co-owners Luke Kowanski (left) and Chris DeSanto have built a successful flyboard business that leverages technology.

The Four C’s

The Flyboard Cairns team is focused on addressing the four C’s of the customer experience: Capture, Convert, Check-In, and Communication.

  • Capture – Get the customer to visit the website
  • Convert – Giving the customer a compelling reason to book
  • Check-in – Making the arrival and registration process easy and fun
  • Communication – Engaging with the customer through clear and consistent communication

“It means we are paying attention to the customer experience from as soon as they find us online, all the way through until they’ve completed our experience. Which has shown us a big uptake in repeat business,” said Chris.

“We can do all this really easy, without any extra effort, because of Wherewolf.”

Learn more about Flyboard Cairns or book a reservation on their website.

This article was written by Victoria Crockford, a content editor, and writer at Wherewolf. You can reach her at[email protected]

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