Contactless Waivers – Now Free!

While the world paused, Wherewolf was working hard to make sure our industry had the right tools to bounce back. Our newest electronic waiver service is free to sign up with zero commitment, and even more user control than ever.

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Wherewolf’s contactless electronic waivers integrate with your reservation system, and automatically send waivers to your guests as the bookings roll in. By the time your guests arrive onsite you’re already covered, and your guest can skip the pen and paper sign-ins. 


Without integration, the waiver can be shared in advance by:
1) Inserting the link into your confirmation emails
2) Creating a customised web link on your website leading to your waiver
3) Texting or using social media to share the URL to booking as they come in


If your guests are so excited they forget to do their waiver before arriving, don’t worry, we planned for that too – you can share your Wherewolf Lite waiver URL and QR Code with guests on the day of arrival.
It’s as easy as sending them a text or an email, or using the camera on their phone to scan your QR Code. Display your QR Code up at the welcome desk or on your own device, and let your guests do the rest.

You get a full summary each day so you can check out the waivers and track your guests.


Your business has personality, so give your waivers some too!

design your own waiver

Add your logo and color scheme, and choose the wording on your questions. Paperwork is boring, let your digital documents live a little and show off your brand while you cover the business necessities. Even your QR Code is automatically customized with your design scheme (we really did think of everything).

QR Code

We’re proud of our new service and we want to show it off. What better way than to make it completely free?

Get your own waiver software configured, integrated, live, and in your business at no cost. Your first 400 guests each month are completely free, and we will let you know as you get close to hitting the cap. If you reach your monthly limit, you can always top up your account – $99 gets you up to 1000 monthly waivers, and our monthly subscriptions start at $149 to get up to 4000 waivers – plus some other awesome features like boosting online reviews, trip manifests, and marketing analytics. 

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Sign up for Wherewolf Lite here, or learn more about our other features here.

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