Creating Contactless Check-ins & Waivers That Are Easy for Everyone

It’s one of the big questions for many venues, businesses and events teams at the moment:

How can you easily put a contactless check-in and waiver process in place?

A fast and easy check-in and waiver process has always been ideal, but now that COVID-19 has rocked the world there’s even more reason to go digital. The alternative is to potentially have a crowd of people on the day, all sharing a pen and clipboard while checking in or signing a liability waiver to participate in the activity. Hardly COVID-safe or savvy – right?

How to create an online waiver system for your business – quickly and easily
Custom development isn’t needed, and you certainly don’t need to be a coding whiz to create a polished waiver system. All you need is a free Wherewolf account to start building your customised waiver form and custom-branded QR code. From here, you’ll have two contactless options available at your fingertips:

1. You can send out digital waivers ahead of time to be completed at the guest’s convenience using their own device. The waiver link can be either manually sent, or automatically via simple integration if you use one of the popular booking platforms.

2. You can also print and present your QR code and instructions onsite, and then direct guests to scan the code with their own device as they arrive. They’ll be directed to the same waiver form or check-in process and be able to provide all required information without touching a single shared surface.

With both of these options, guest data is instantly added to your Wherewolf database for your daily guest view.

What about a sign-in app?
Our paid plans include the ability to create your own professionally branded sign-in app in addition to the contactless options. This makes it easy to set up an iPad kiosk at the point of entry where guests can sign in and complete any required waiver before entering. A bottle of hand sanitiser next to the check-in kiosk will help set guests’ minds at ease and encourage great hand hygiene.

If you’ve been looking for a free app for signatures, it’s worth considering Wherewolf’s cost-effective plans instead to see how much more you can gain. Every professional plan includes guest management tools that help you to manage equipment, teams, staff and onsite guests, as well as market research tools to help you understand your guests with clarity. The value of a contactless, digitised check-in and waiver process? Priceless.

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