Easy Ways To Incentivise Online Reviews

TripAdvisor and Google Reviews are part of the terrority for any business now – you can be a snowmobile tour or a shoe store, when people search for your business online they are immediately exposed to your star-rating and the comments from your previous visitors. With such little control over what people are saying, it can be daunting to take the dive and start pushing for online reviews.

Think about it from a guest’s perspective: If you had two businesses to choose from; one with a single 5-star review, and one with 500 reviews but an average of 4 stars, which would you choose? 

Increasing your reviews doesn’t only bolster faith from your guests, but Google will love it too. The more reviews you have in their platform, the more reputable and established your business is in their eyes. This means you can expect better SEO results and more exposure when people are exploring options in your area or industry. 

So how can you organically incentivise online reviews? Take your cap out of your hand and own your online presence with these easy steps:

  1. Get Your Team Involved

    If your guests experience a guided tour, or have someone on your team that they form a connection with, incentivise your team! It’s as simple as a quick post-tour request: “And remember, everyone, your online reviews mean a lot to us. Please hop online when you get home, and remember that if you mention me by name then I go into a weekly prize draw here with my team!”.
    Your guests will want to see your staff member rewarded, and you’ll be stoked to see the great feedback your team are getting too.  
  2. Post-Trip Emails

    This is a great way to share a little more information about who you are and what you do, while encouraging their support for your efforts. Tell them a little about where it all started and what you believe makes your business so special, and remind them the impact that an online review can have on a business like yours! We have a whole blog dedicated to the perfect post-trip email here. Wherewolf users can make the most of our free follow-up email service to automate this process entirely, with customisable content and sending delays. For the email aficionado, Mailchimp comes with great template options and deep reporting capabilities, and can integrate with Wherewolf so your personally designed emails are being sent to the perfect guest, every time. 
  3. Provide The Time/Space

    After the trip has wrapped up, you can allocate a wind-down space for guests to catch up about their experience and enjoy a tea or coffee, with digital services like wi-fi or tablets available. Let them know they’re welcome to stick around and enjoy a few minutes before leaving, and if they’d like to leave a review online then the internet is available to do so (gently expressing how beneficial those reviews are again can’t hurt!). Most people will understand the exchange and leave a quick review while they post their pictures to their social media pages!

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