eSign Software: Wherewolf vs Smartwaiver

Trying to decide between Wherewolf and Smartwaiver? This handy feature comparison chart will help you make that decision.

Best fit for you?

Smartwaiver is a very basic digital waiver platform designed to simply replace your paper waiver process. So if you’re looking for something more robust that solely focuses on the adventure tourism industry, Wherewolf is a fully-fledged marketing & customer management solution that contains a digital liability waiver in all of its plans.

So if your goals are to grow and streamline your arrival process, while also turning your paperwork into an organized and filterable database – Wherewolf is the clear choice.

Why Digital Waivers at all?

A study at MIT found that companies that have adopted digital transformation are 26% more profitable than similar operators in their industry. In addition to this, some insurance companies offer discounts to tour and activity operators for using platforms like Wherewolf because:

  • Paper is perishable, digital waivers are not.
  • With Wherewolf, you can easily search for customers by date, first and last name, DOB, booking ID, etc.
  • Waivers are stored for as long as you have an active Wherewolf account (and not just the mandatory 7 years).

How will digital waivers help my business?


  • Faster check-in process meaning higher customer turnaround and satisfaction.*
  • Ability to collect marketing data, which is graphed to tell you the quickest avenues to growth.*
  • Automatic personalized “thank you for coming” emails to 100% of your clients.*
  • Customer management manifests to make your lives easier.

*Features are Wherewolf exclusive

What are the costs?

If you sign up for a platform like Wherewolf, the costs are negligible, as every plan includes features that are designed to help operators grow and increase their bottom line.

Plans start as low as $59/month which, if you take into account the cost of ink, paper, printing, manual data entry, and storage – is an absolute steal. Not only will you have a secure system that your insurance company will love, you’ll be empowered with marketing data and graphs to help you take that extra holiday a year.



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