Feature Recap: Multi-Step Waivers in Wherewolf

Up your game with our Multi-Step Waiver Process!

Now you can gather essential guest information both before arrival and on-site, enhancing efficiency and guest satisfaction.

What is a Multi-Step Waiver?

A Multi-Step Waiver allows you to collect part of your guests’ information before they arrive and finalize the rest on-site. This process is perfect for industries that require on-site safety briefings, orientation sessions, or up-to-date personal data from their guests.

Instead of overwhelming your guests with paperwork upon arrival, split the waiver into two segments:

1: Pre-Arrival Waiver — Collect essential personal information as soon as the booking is confirmed.
2: On-Site Waiver — Gather day-of details like equipment agreements or safety acknowledgments when the guest arrives.

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How It Works

Step One: Pre-Arrival Waiver

Before arrival, guests complete a digital waiver that’s automatically linked to their booking. Whether integrated with your reservation system or not, this pre-arrival step ensures you have all the necessary information well in advance.

waiver at home

Step Two: On-Site Waiver

Upon arrival, guests simply complete the second part of their waiver using one of three methods:

  1. Hand over your device — Open the waiver on your tablet or smartphone and pass it to the guest.
  2. Email option — Send the waiver to the guest’s email address, which they can complete on their own device.
  3. QR Code — Display a QR Code that guests can scan to complete the waiver on their smartphones.

2-step onsite (1)

When the on-site waiver is done, the guest’s record will update with a teal tick, confirming that all steps are complete!


Real-World Applications

  • Scuba Instructors — Verify if guests have skydived in the last 24 hours, as they may be at risk of the bends.
  • Automotive Rentals — Confirm no recent drug or alcohol consumption.
  • Boat Rentals — Perform on-site orientation and equipment condition checks, and have the customer sign off and agree.
  • Segway Tours — Conduct training sessions and gather acknowledgments.

Why Use Multi-Step Waivers?

Tour operators and adventure tourism business owners, imagine the time you’ll save by segmenting your waiver process. Here are some key benefits:

Faster Arrival Process

  • Use QR Codes or email options to send waivers directly to your guests’ devices, expediting the check-in process.
  • No more bottlenecks at the front desk—guests can complete their paperwork in advance.

Improved Efficiency

  • Free up your devices for other uses by enabling guests to complete waivers on their own smartphones.
  • The Waiver App now lets you distribute the second sign-in directly, boosting operational efficiency.

Enhanced Guest Experience

  • Make a great first impression with a seamless, paperless check-in process.
  • Offer a modern, premium experience that aligns with your brand’s values and aesthetic.

By implementing our Multi-Step Waiver Process, you’re not just protecting your operations; you’re creating a premium experience for your guests. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your workflow and impress your visitors.

Move beyond clipboards and make a great first impression with Wherewolf’s Multi-Step Waiver Process. Elevate your guest experience, save time, and enhance operational efficiency.

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