Feature Release: Before And After Photos with Wherewolf

Your equipment – from cars and boats, to climbing ropes and carabiners – is an indispensable part of your business. We know it’s crucial for you to have the condition of your gear well-documented, so we’ve been working on some new tools for you here.

We’re excited to welcome our new Before and After Photos feature to your Wherewolf repertoire!

Now users can now effortlessly capture and record any changes or damages to the rental equipment, enhancing transparency and efficiency like never before.

waiver photos

Is this right for me?

Before and After Photos provide an indisputable record of the equipment’s condition before and after each booking or guest.

By visually documenting any damages or changes, you can confidently report and address issues with clients and maintain a smooth rental process. With clear visual documentation of damages, rental businesses can also efficiently schedule maintenance and repairs, ensuring that the equipment remains in top-notch condition for the next rental.

This proactive approach leads to better customer experiences and longer-lasting equipment!

In the unfortunate event of disputes over damages, our users can rely on the visual evidence provided by Before and After Photos to resolve conflicts quickly and fairly. This can help avoid potential legal complications and maintain positive relationships with clients.

You may also need to comply with specific regulations or provide evidence for insurance claims. Before and After Photos serve as a reliable source for meeting such requirements, simplifying necessary processes and reducing administrative burdens.

How do I add Before/ After Photos to my account?

You can contact our friendly team by clicking “Help” on your Wherewolf dashboard – let them know what you want and they’ll take care of the rest.

Read our support document on the new feature here!

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