Feature (re)Release: Booking Search and Booking Display

Okay, okay…

We heard you.

The new Wherewolf waiver app was released with complete alignment to GDPR and data privacy laws… however, we have heard lately that the Booking Search page was critical to some of your onsite processes. More critical than we’d imagined.

With that in mind, we took your feedback onboard to build the new-and-improved Bookings Search pages into the new app.

Now, operators can allow their guests to search for their bookings by name, or search a displayed list of guest bookings.

With Booking Search, the Search field uses names and email addresses to find and return matching bookings.

With Booking Display, the guest can use see the entire list of bookings for that day, and use the Magnifying Glass to search for their booking from the list.

These additional booking pages are enabled by request only; they are not globally recognized as privacy compliant, so Wherewolf will not apply these to apps without the owners explicit request.

Read our support guide on this new feature here and ask our team if it’s right for you.

All integrated waiver apps automatically come with fully GDPR-compliant Booking search pages, which allow guests to search their booking name or unique reservation ID to complete a waiver onsite.

We’re here to support your business, with industry-leading features and customer-led design. If you’d like to see more about what we do, request a demo from our team today.

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