Five to Thrive – PicThrive’s 5 Easy Steps to capture tour photos that your guests want to buy!

Guest blog post by PicThrive, the leading photo & video sales and marketing platform for adventure tourism operators around the world.

At PicThrive, we’re committed to helping tour operators grow, which is why we’re sharing our knowledge with you! Your guests might have had an incredible time during your tour, however, pictures give them something to take with them and share with their friends and family. If you are already selling pictures, you don’t want to miss this guide so you can “wow” your guests even more. If you are not selling pictures yet, learn these fundamentals so you can start today!

In order to take photos that guests want to buy, always focus on guest satisfaction! PicThrive has worked with hundreds of operators and outlined the 5 fundamentals of tour photos that guests want to buy:

  1. Make photo-taking part of the experience:

Taking photos is an opportunity to interact with your guests and get them even more excited and immersed in your experience. The act of taking photos should consider how it will fit in with the rest of the daily activities, instead of being a cold and staged transaction.

You and your staff are already experts in guest delight, so you’ll know where the best photo opportunities are located. Use those spots as your chance to capture the smiles and excitement on your guests’ faces! 

Guests should be comfortable, excited, and immersed in the experience for the best photo capture. Make sure to add a bit of personality to the act itself to create a unique memory. Some ideas:

  • Funny poses.
  • Use of props.
  • Photos with guides.

  1. Capture moments your guests’ can’t:

“Capturing moments your guests’ can’t” is not about banning cameras on your experience. It’s about finding unique photo opportunities that guests are too busy to take advantage of. If guests can whip out their phone (or camera), and take the same photo you’re capturing, that photo becomes much less valuable. Identify the most intense parts of your experience and capture those!

  1. Use a real camera and lens:

Where possible, use a DSLR camera and a lens appropriate for the distance your guests are at. DSLR cameras show your professionalism and ensure photo quality is worth buying.

Taking photos with a cellphone is usually a big “no-no”, as the quality of the experience and of the photo is usually compromised. Sure, it might be tempting as sometimes phones are easier for your guides to carry, but is that what your guests prefer?

In certain wet or rough environments, mounted cameras like GoPro’s are very popular. Ensure they’re positioned somewhere your guests can’t easily reach for those extra special action shots.

  1. Include different photo opportunities throughout the tour:

Guests want a variety of shots that they can use to showcase their adventure and tell stories to their friends. A great photo album in not based on quantity, but quality! Ensure you take the following types of shots and you’ll be golden:

  • Group shots – guests huddled around each other, smiling and having fun as a group. Guests will cherish this moment with their loved ones forever.
  • Action shots – this is why they came to your tour! Capture shots of your guests at the most exciting point of your experience. It’s all about bragging rights on social media!
  • Candid shots – guests go through a variety of emotions while on your tour. These emotions are sometimes only evident on their faces when they think no one is looking. Candid shots can make amazing WOW! moments when guests re-live the rollercoaster of emotions they just went through.
  • Scenic shots – these are iconic shots of the trip. Wildlife shots, sunsets, or general scenery of your experience adds value to the story being told via your photo album. 
  1. Offer a convenient, fast, and pleasurable buying experience:

Photos are the last impression a guest gets of your tour! A pleasurable experience can make the difference between a good day and a perfect day. End on a high note by providing the best guest experience.

The process can be simple:

  1. Display photos on-site via automated tablets or a big screen/TV to excite your guests.
  2. Collect payment from guests.
  3. Instantly deliver a custom branded photo gallery to your guests’ phones for them to view and share.

Guests will be able to share their photos on social media immediately after the tour, alongside your brand. More social engagement = more bookings!

If guests leave without purchasing, don’t consider those sales lost! Use an online photo store on your website to display watermarked photos and capture payments automatically.

With PicThrive and Wherewolf, guests can automatically buy photos after they leave. The Auto-Sales integration allows you to send automatic reminder emails to guests who haven’t purchased photos on-site. Connecting them with your online photo store helps bring in those extra sales with no extra work.

To help you get started, PicThrive has a special offer for Wherewolf’s subscribers.  

At PicThrive, we’ll help you onboard and optimize your photo sales process. Reach out to us at [email protected] and if there’s a right fit, we’ll help you build a custom workflow based on your needs (for free)! Use the code “wherewolfblog2019” for $50 off your first month’s bill. Offer applicable to new accounts only. Must be a current Wherewolf client.

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