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Asking for reviews can be tough.

Nobody likes to feel like they’re knocking on doors with their hat in their hand or bothering people. But there’s no need to feel this way – online reviews are a huge part of generating interest in what you do and drumming up more business! Read our key points on how you can structure a short and sweet email that will make your guests want to leave you a glowing review.

The Right Tone


Don’t be shy! Use your brand voice to start a conversation with your customers and remind them why they love you – use a localised greeting like ‘kia ora’ or ‘aloha’, and show some personality. Remind them about the unforgettable time they had with you and your team, and let them know how much it would mean for a quick online review. It’s an automatic email, sure, but it’s part of your brand experience so stay consistent with who you are.

If people can still ‘hear’ your voice through the email, then they would still feel like it’s from you.

If you contribute any charities or initiatives, why not mention this too! If people know they’re putting some good into the world by supporting you online, then a few minutes to leave a review or Like your page doesn’t seem like a big inconvenience.

Check out some examples here a little further down the page for inspiration.

Your Links


Where do you want your guests to review you online? The perfect guest would go everywhere, of course. Tagging you in photos, liking pages, and leaving reviews scattered across the world (wide web). But for most of your guests you’re going to need to give them one easy channel to follow – a barrage of links may confuse them.

Your Wherewolf digital waiver automatically invites guests to leave an online review. Our template allows you to choose a featured link to grab their attention – whether you’re trying to get more Facebook engagement this month, or more reviews on Google, you can promote it here. Scroll down to see three different businesses who are trying to grow a presence on each platform.

The rest of the links can be included below if guests don’t use that platform or would prefer to connect somewhere else.



The time that you send your follow-up email is going to make a difference – ideally, you’d want this to occur within a day of the guest’s experience, so the memory is fresh in their mind and enthusiasm is high. Wherewolf digital waivers send follow-up emails the day after the guest’s experience by default, but we can customize this!

If your experiences are normally 4 hours in duration, a delay of 5 hours after arrival means they’ll get a notification as they’re getting home. This still gives you time to remove guests from the email queue if you need to!
Some Wherewolf users use an active dashboard, which tracks the time they leave your operation too. When the experience for these guests is finalised (e.g., they have returned from a multi-day trip with your kayak, or checked back in after a day hike and are heading home), we add them to the follow-up email queue. This means that if the experience varies in duration, you can always make sure you’re sending a follow-up email after they’ve left.


The Wherewolf support team can set up the email delay for you at the optimal time, just ask them in your support portal for help.

Are you a bit of a control freak, or maybe a marketing mastermind? You can always integrate with Mailchimp to customise every detail too.
We’ve really thought of everything.

If you’re interested in joining us at Wherewolf, you can request a demo here.

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