How Long Do Signed Liability Waivers Need to be Kept?

Along with your tax records and other paperwork, you will also maintain an archive of signed liability waiver forms to help protect your business against legal action. After all, the only truly useful legal liability waiver form is one you’ll be able to find in the case of a liability claim!

But you probably don’t have an infinitely expanding filing cabinet, or a Mary Poppins suitcase – and so we hear you ask; how long do I really need to keep guest or employee liability waiver forms after they’ve been signed? 

Storing liability waiver forms 

How long you should keep signed waiver forms will essentially depend on where your business is located and the legal system of your location. In some places, the statute of limitation on liability claims could be two or three years from the last interaction with the customer, where in other places it may be longer. For this specific question it’s best to speak with your lawyer or legal advisor so you aren’t disposing of any forms that may ultimately be needed in the future.

Generally speaking, there’s a very simple solution to archiving and storing your waiver forms. Keep all of your waivers in secure storage for as long as you like, by taking the process online!

The benefits of online liability waiver storage

With the right online waiver solution you can store countless signed liability waivers in an online database – no printers, staples or folders required. Simply send customers or guests a waiver link, have them complete the form in their own time and the information will be uploaded in your system automatically. Guest details and responses become easy to search for and find, and waivers are stored in the cloud for as long as you use the waiver solution.

If you’re using Wherewolf, there are a multitude of other benefits too:

  • You can provide a professional, contactless waiver and check-in experience for guests
  • Guests can complete waivers either by clicking a link or scanning a QR code
  • You can integrate your reservation system to set up automated waivers and messaging
  • You can gain new insights into guest decisions and behaviour to improve customer experiences.

With an online waiver system, you simply never need to worry about waiver storage or security again.

If you’re not sure yet whether an online waiver solution is right for your business, it’s free and super easy to test out the system with your own liability waiver example. Simply register for a free Wherewolf Lite account, or register for a free personalised demo today!

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