How Small Businesses Can Set Up Their Own Liability Waiver App for Free

What’s better than a free electronic signing app? A free electronic signing system that works as smoothly as an app, but doesn’t need any downloads or compatibility requirements! 


If you’ve been wondering how to create a liability waiver solution for free, then Wherewolf Lite is the ideal answer. Here’s how you can create your own company liability waiver system.


Option 1: Send out links to your informed consent and liability waiver

The free version of Wherewolf makes it easy to set up your online liability waiver and send this remotely to anyone who needs to sign it. Simply customise your waiver form and branding within Wherewolf, and you’ll be able to quickly send out links to customers or guests. As they click on the link, they’ll be directed to your professional waiver form to electronically sign and submit. If you’re using a booking platform like Rezdy or Bookeo, you can configure Wherewolf to send out a waiver link automatically with every booking. 


Option 2: Create a custom-branded QR code that customers can sign 

If you prefer to have guests sign waivers as they arrive to your event or experience, then you can create a free custom-branded QR code in Wherewolf. By printing out and displaying your QR code onsite as a poster, guests can simply open up their camera app on their phone and be directed to complete your waiver form on the spot. 


With both of these options, completed guest and waiver information is automatically added to your central Wherewolf database with a daily guest view so you can see details such as names, ages and medical conditions. And because both options are completed on the guest’s own device, it provide a contactless option that’s COVID-safe, hygienic and efficient for everyone involved.


Wherewolf Lite is free for up to 400 waivers per month. 

For 12 months, you can use Wherewolf Lite at no cost. And if you’d like to send out more waivers each month or add extra features such as marketing, analytics and operational integrations, then you might like to take a gander at our professional plans. A paid Wherewolf plan provides the ability to create a custom-branded iPad app for people to use as they check in on the day. This syncs up beautifully with your reservation platform, giving guests the option of signing their waiver head of time or before the event. We’d be happy to take you through all the features with a free personal demo.

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