How to Choose a Digital Waiver Solution for a Franchise Business

If you’re a parent company of multiple franchises or locations across the country or beyond, you’ll know how complex it can be to find the right software solution. Many franchisors turn to custom development because they assume no out-of-the-box solution will be able to meet their needs. Fortunately, when it comes to finding a digital waiver solution, there’s an option that’s scalable and flexible enough to suit almost every application. 

For franchisors looking for a digital waiver or check-in solution, Wherewolf ticks all the boxes:

  • It’s so intuitive to use that any franchisee will be able to log in and get started right away. 
  • You can create a beautifully branded app for your onsite check-in or waiver kiosk
  • Multiple waivers can be set up to suit different locations or purposes.
  • The waiver system works offline and data is automatically uploaded once the device reconnects – so it’s perfect for even the most remote franchises.
  • Wherewolf can also smoothly integrate with many common reservation and booking systems – so it’s perfect for tourism franchises.

Wherewolf provides two options for digital waivers for franchises: pre-arrival and onsite. 

Pre-arrival waivers:

If you prefer the waiver to be filled and signed before people arrive, you can send them a link via text or email and they can complete the pre-filled waiver form right there on their device. 


If you’d like people to fill in the waiver (or check in) once they’re onsite, you can display a custom QR code that will take them to complete the process on their device. You can also set up a liability waiver kiosk with your own iPad app, which will guide them through the waiver process. 

Data is immediately uploaded to the central management system when there is a signal, or stored locally until a signal is available. And from there, the built-in analytical tools can help you to understand guest or customer data in useful detail. 

Which franchise businesses can use Wherewolf? 

The flexibility of Wherewolf makes it ideal for a number of different businesses and industries. For example:

  • Small airlines and travel companies could create detailed flight manifests complete with total weights, signed waivers and auto check-in. 
  • Restaurants could use Wherewolf as a smart check-in solution and have guests digitally acknowledge that they understand the COVID-19 safety policies. 
  • Spas or gyms could use the system to securely record important health information that they might need to take into account.
  • Tourism operators can use Wherewolf to fill in important activity waivers or liability waivers 
  • Healthcare and aged care facilities could use Wherewolf to ensure visitors and staff check in and sign waiver information. A temperature check could be a required form field, for example.

With the flexibility of Wherewolf, you can combine the features you need in your check-in or waiver solution and create a plan that suits your volume needs and business model. Book your demo here today, and we’d be happy to help you explore the possibilities!

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