How to Integrate Your Guest Booking and Digital Waiver Software Solution

It simply makes sense to combine your booking and waiver process, and here’s why.

More now than ever, guests expect a smooth and convenient experience as they book a tour or activity. For tour and activity operators this has become easier over time, taking reservations via an online booking system such as Bookeo, Xola, CustomLinc, Rezdy or FareHarbor. Operators can also use a digital waiver solution such as Wherewolf so guests can read and sign an activity waiver at their own convenience before they arrive on the day. However – it’s in integrating these two software solutions that the customer experience really becomes smooth and seamless. 


There are a number of benefits with the right booking and waiver integration. An integrated system can:

  • Automatically send a liability waiver link to the guest after they book online
  • Gather waivers prior to your guest experience, freeing up time on the actual day
  • Pre-populate guest information to minimise the risk of half-filled or incorrectly filled waivers
  • Provide an optimal experience for your guests, as they can book and sign in their own time
  • Allow guests to check-in and sign their waiver as they arrive, via QR code or electronic waiver app
  • Streamline your guest management by uniting guest data, marketing and analytics across platforms
  • Enable you to send automated messages to guests, from booking up to follow-up review requests.

Keen to improve your guest experience and guest management experience? Read on! 


How to get started integrating your booking and waiver platforms

It really couldn’t be simpler to integrate your online booking and digital waver software using Wherewolf and our integration partners. There are only two steps from within Wherewolf:

  1. Navigate to your Wherewolf dashboard and select Integrations
  2. Find your reservation platform, enter the required information and press submit. 


That’s it! Once our support team has connected your accounts, the two platforms will share your guest data and you’ll be able to configure automated waiver links and messages to be sent for each new booking. You can also set up integrations from within your chosen booking system, by looking for the Integrations option on the dashboard. Keep in mind that with some reservation systems, you may need a premium account to enable integrations.


You can explore the full list of providers Wherewolf can integrate with here. If you don’t see your provider that’s OK – Wherewolf’s online waiver app still allows you to easily share your waivers with guests via URL links and QR code. 


Do you have questions about integrations? Our support team is here to help with any questions you might have. 

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