How to Make the Most of Your Waiver Analytics to Capture New Markets

For many tour and activity operators, data capture can feel like a low priority after running your business, meeting compliance and making sure your customers are having a great time! However – by including modern data capture in your liability waiver process with no extra time or effort needed, you can gain valuable insights into your target audience and even open up new markets. Here’s how to make the most of all that useful data. 

Get the information where you can see it

If guests book your tour or activity through a third party agent, you may not typically have access to guest information other than perhaps an email. And if you have guests sign a paper liability waiver, these can sometimes be filled out partially, hard to read or even filled out with fake information. 

By using online waiver software like Wherewolf, which can even include pre-filled information in some cases, you can maximise the data you gather for every guest. And Wherewolf makes it easy to gather names, ages, gender, location and where the customer first heard about the tour or activity. That means you can clearly analyse who’s booking with you on your desktop or mobile.

Build a profile of your customer base

Once you start building a picture of your customers, you’ll be able to start spotting trends, habits and behaviours in that customer data. For example, like Balloon Aloft you might see that lots of guests are booking from certain postcodes so you can target marketing in that area. Or, you might start to realise that lots of people are coming to your website via certain Google searches and focus your marketing on that referral source. 

With detailed data you can start to develop your customer database for targeted email marketing, and send out much more pinpointed messaging for a better return on marketing investment and higher booking rates.  

Gather details for every guest – not just the booker

While many booking systems will only gather information from the person who books the tour or activities, Wherewolf gathers all that useful data from every person who joins your experience. That gives you great insights into who’s coming along, who tends to make the decisions in each group, and new opportunities for advertising and marketing. 

You can also get in touch with every guest to thank them and ask them for feedback, rather than just the guest who booked. For the Electric Tour Company, this has really helped them improve their rankings. As marketing manager Brandon Luse says, “Our staff can ask guests to remember to rate us online when the leave, but when they get that email, right on their device and just have to tap a button to post a review, it’s immediate and easy. They had a great time and are happy to do it.” Any negative feedback can be handled directly and discreetly, too. 

Analyse why people are booking your tours and activities

It’s great when you have group bookings, but can you see what type of group they are and why they booked with you? As the team at Missing Pieces Escape Games found, it can be invaluable to analyse which percentage of business comes from corporate bookings, birthday parties and other gatherings. 

Depending on your tours or activities, this might help you skew your experiences more towards young adults, school groups, corporate groups or whichever demographics your experiences are proving popular with. You could also develop tailored marketing for these groups, even at lucrative times of the year.

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of Wherewolf’s waiver solution for your business yet, it’s very easy –and free – to get started for up to 400 waivers per month. Sign up or book in a free demo today, and we can take you through the all the features to open up those new markets.

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