How to Set Up a Free Online Waiver Solution in One Day

Looking for a free waiver signing app, free signature app or online waiver system? Here at Wherewolf the whole reason we exist is to support tourism and activity operators, and recently we’ve decided to provide a complimentary 12-month trial of Wherewolf’s brilliant waiver system. Even better: you can get set up and start taking waivers today! Here’s exactly how to begin.

Step one: Sign up for your Wherewolf Lite account
Head on over to the sign up page and register for free to open your Wherewolf Lite account. Easy as.

Step two: Customise your waiver and QR code
As soon as you log in for the first time, your Wherewolf Assistant Portal will take you through the essentials to create your perfect liability waiver form. The system also helps you to create your very own custom QR code to display onsite for guests. You can adjust branding, add your own T&Cs and outline the details of your guest activities as you go.

Step three: Share your waiver link
Once your waiver is created, you can share your link with a friend and have them test out your first online waiver (or you could simply try the experience yourself). Guests won’t need to wonder how to sign a waiver online, because they’re guided throughout the process. Once someone has completed your waiver, you’ll be able to check out your Daily Guest Manifest and see guest information laid out neatly for you to see.

Step four: Integrate your booking platform, if you use one
If you use a reservation platform such as Bookeo or Rezdy, you can integrate this with your free Wherewolf trial. This means that each guest who books with you can automatically receive a link to your neat new online waiver, already pre-filled with their information. Here’s a handy support link outlining the integration process.

Step five: Top up your account as it suits
If you really want to flex your waiver capabilities, then consider our simple monthly subscription plans. These plans unlock a whole raft of features including guest management, automated follow- up emails (great for requesting reviews from happy customers), trip manifests, market analytics and the ability to create a branded iPad check-in app for your business.

So that’s it – before the end of the day, you can have Wherewolf set up and accepting waivers. Of course, we’re always here to help throughout the steps and to answer any questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

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