How to Use Customer Feedback to Optimise Your Adventure Tourism Business

One of the excellent features in Wherewolf’s electronic waiver system is the ability to send branded follow-up emails after an adventure tourism experience and request feedback, reviews, or a simple survey completion from your guests. So how can you use customer feedback as a strategic tool for your business? 

Refine offerings based on common feedback

If you’re getting the same recurring feedback from guests then it could provide a perfect chance to optimise your tours or activities in some simple ways. For example, if there’s a common response about needing a rest on a long tour you could add a simple tea and coffee break halfway through and add to the experience. Or if guests are commenting that the lifejackets are too bulky and hampering their enjoyment of the activity, you might look to update this equipment with a sleeker option. Small changes like these could transform three-star reviews to five-star ones. 

Pinpoint any ‘weak spots’ in your customer experience

You could have the most incredible team of tour guides or instructors and the most amazing experience once guests arrive, but if you hear from guests that the booking experience was confusing then this is a good sign it might be time to update and integrate your reservation system, and ensure your customer experience is amazing right across the board. 

Channel any constructive feedback to your team for follow-up

If someone feels they’ve had a negative experience then it’s great to have the opportunity to rectify the issue before they leave a negative review on your listing! In follow-up emails to guests, it can be useful to channel positive and constructive feedback to different places. For example: 

Did you love your experience with [Business Name]? We’d really appreciate you leaving us a review on [TripAdvisor/Google]. It will only take a few minutes and can really support our local business.

Was something not quite right? We’d love a chance to fix it for you. Please let us know at [email address or phone number] and we’ll do our best to make it right. 

Use your existing systems to personalise and improve the experience

Wherewolf has a whole raft of features to support your operations, so feedback can be helpful in using these features to their full potential. For example, if a customer says they didn’t get any lunch because there wasn’t a vegetarian option available, you could add a form field into your activity waiver to ask about any dietary requirements. Your resulting trip list will show you exactly how many vegetarians are on each tour so you can cater perfectly each time. Or, if your guests comment about waiting a long time to check-in at the beginning of a tour on the services waiver app and kiosk, you might print and display your customised QR app so they can check-in on their own phones too.

Make the most of all that positive feedback

The last tip is to showcase all of those amazing positive reviews that are coming in for your business! After all, word-of-mouth recommendations are incredibly compelling to would-be and could-be customers. In your branded follow-up emails, be sure to channel all that positivity exactly where most people will see reviews, be it your Facebook page, your Google My Business listing or on a third-party travel agent site. 

All of these factors can help you to optimise the customer experience, maximise your brand exposure and ultimately bring in new guests!

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