How to use my Wherewolf database to send emails

Do you want this peak season to really peak? Or are you looking to keep in touch with your guests while things slow down? Your Wherewolf Analytics houses all your guest data – make the most of your mailing list by learning how to segment your records, and the best way to send newsletter campaigns or one-off promotions here. 

About your analytics

Every question that you ask in your waiver is recorded in your database. When a guest responds to a question in your waiver, we store the response under that question as well as on the guest record. This means that you can search for guests and their waiver documents, or you can search for responses that match a certain question. 

By selecting ‘Discover’ under Wherewolf Analytics, you can apply filters to our predetermined questions to find the responses that match. For example, you can select a particular date range, country, or activity and find all the records that match those. If I wanted to find all my Canadian guests from 2018 who did a jet boat tour, I can apply those filters and select ‘Get Guests’ in the top right-hand corner. It will show me the data for those specific guests. I can review their information or I can export this data as an Excel or CSV by selecting ‘Download/Export’ in the top right corner.

If I wanted to review or export all of my data, I would leave all the filters selected.

About your data export

The exported information from your analytics is going to be a lot more thorough. Here you will find data about when the waiver was completed, and all the other insightful tidbits that we cannot graph or report on. 

For example, if your waiver asks guests to type in their city then we cannot show a graph for that in our Analytics reporting tool – there’s too much variety between responses for it to make sense! Someone could enter ‘Atlanta’, and another person could type in ‘ATL’. When you export your data you will get all of those responses displayed neatly in an Excel or CSV with the guest record. You can use the find and replace feature in Excel to standardize those responses, then easily create graphs. A lot of these instructions work in Google Sheets too.

When to segment your data

Now that you know about the two ways to segment your guest records – Wherewolf Analytics and the data export – you might be wondering which one is best for you. Depending on what you want to achieve, it’s pretty simple. 

If you’d like an overview into a cohort of guests that we have pre-determined filters for, such as guests of your winter activities, then you can select those guests and check out the data behind those records in your Analytics. This will give you all their demographic data and will give you the option to export only those guests.

If you don’t see the option to filter by a particular question then you will want to export your data from the Wherewolf Analytics and use Excel to filter your records. Simply find the column that represents that question, and arrange or sort it in a way that makes the most sense for you. Delete the rest of the records and you’re done!

Send emails without Mailchimp integration

For one-off campaigns, or if you don’t have an account with any email marketing platforms, there are still ways to contact your customer base. Remember, most regular email platforms like GMail or Microsoft Outlook will enforce daily send restrictions, to ensure you’re not spamming people, but a quick Google search for your platform’s limits will help you keep below that line.

Sending email campaigns or promotions from your regular email account won’t give you the great insights and design tools that a Mailchimp account can, but you can use the e-mail address column from your Excel data export to BCC guests into your email offering. BCC all the recipients to ensure they can’t see one another’s email address.

This option is the easiest to implement and the most cost-effective, but we recommend finding out if the Mailchimp platform is right for you before proceeding.

Send emails with the Mailchimp integration

Alternatively, Wherewolf can integrate with your Mailchimp account to send the names and email addresses of your guests to an audience in Mailchimp in real time. You can create one master audience of all guests, or you may wish to curate audiences based on certain details, like guests who are local to you. 

You can also import guests directly into a new audience from your Analytics export for off-the-cuff and targeted campaigns. What if you suddenly decide to contact all the guests over 55 years old? Just apply the filters in Wherewolf Analytics, download the CSV file, and import that into Mailchimp!  From there you can design the templates that will suit your brand, then customise them further to each campaign. Use merge tags to address recipients personally, then follow up with the reporting tools to see how successful your email campaign was.

If you would like to set up an integration with Mailchimp, contact our tech support team by emailing [email protected].If you’re not a Wherewolf customer but you’d like to hear more, our product specialists can give you a quick demo of our product to show you around! Just request a demo here.

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