Configuration Tips

Switching to Wherewolf can mean considering parts of your guest journey that you have not before. These factors need to be included in the development of your app.

Group check-in

We can streamline your group check-ins by obtaining a full record from the primary group member, then asking a limited set of questions for the rest of the party. This can be applied to specific group types, such as to families. For example, when the primary family member checks in and indicates they’re with their family, we can apply the primary family members information to the subsequent guests (such as where they are from, or emergency contact information). This means the rest of the family can simply enter the personal information that is important to your liability (such as their names, and possible medical conditions) and check in together, faster.


Wherewolf can provide a maximum of three automated emails; Follow-Up, Pre-Arrival Links, and Pre-Arrival Confirmation. You may wish to add custom text to these, or choose to disable the ones that are not necessary to you.

    • Our follow-up email, which is sent automatically to each guest after a set delay from check-in, is available to all Wherewolf users. We configure it using your social media/online links and use it to encourage online reviews and engagement.
    • Our Pre-Arrival Links email is triggered by an integrated booking system, which alerts your pre-arrival waiver form software. This sends your guest an email with a link to their online waiver, to be filled out ahead of time. If you do not have pre-arrival webforms and an integrated reservation software, you aren’t eligible for this email service.
    • Once the pre-arrival waiver form has been submitted, your guest will receive an email notification confirming their waiver submission.

Conditional questioning

You may have additional questions that are conditional on guest information, such as what activity they’re doing or where they’re from. We have suitable logic to enable this for you and understand this is a business need. If you have extensive conditional questioning that would require our development team to allocate more time to your project than allowed in your set-up cost, then your onboarder may discuss alternatives with you. If you do not approve of the proposed alternative workflows, then you may be asked to approve a reasonably-priced quote.


We will ask for your current minor age, and anyone under that age will be asked for their guardians’ name and signature instead. We can remove questions from this check-in, but the minor will need to create a guest record of their own in order to be represented in your data and daily manifest.

Manifest configuration

You will be using your Daily Manifest to filter and manage your guests each day. If you have guest management needs, such as recording notes or payment methods, or checking off that guests have their safety equipment, then let your onboarder know. We can provide you with Daily Manifest filtering tools so you can create accurate Trip Manifests depending on your tier.

  • Active Manifest – Each day, your daily manifest is populated with guests that have completed a Wherewolf waiver for that day. We also offer a tool called your Active Dashboard, which records who is actively on-site and requires you to ‘finalise’ the guest upon their departure. This could be useful for you if you have multi-day tours or accommodation options, or equipment rentals that require you to calculate a total duration when they return.