Is Your Liability Waiver Clear and Unambiguous? A Checklist to be Sure

Using clear and unambiguous language in your liability waiver is essential for multiple reasons: 

  • One, so your customers can fully understand and acknowledge the risks involved
  • Two, so you can be confident that your guests have understood the risks, and
  • Three, so that you can maintain a clear record of acknowledgement and agreement. 


So how can you be sure your liability waiver is clear and easy to understand? While it’s best to ask your lawyer for specific legal phrasing, you can browse this checklist to ensure you’re presenting your waiver in an ideal way. 


  • Is your liability waiver online?
    Taking a liability waiver online can be ideal for tours, activities and a range of services. Not only can you provide a clear and well organised waiver experience, but you can also offer a contactless check-in process for guests’ peace of mind. Wherewolf makes it simple to take digital waivers online via link ahead of time, or by QR code or online waiver app once guests arrive onsite on the day.
  • Does your online waiver have a clear and logical structure?
    The best online waiver will be easy to follow and will never leave guests in doubt as to what needs reading or signing. A waiver built with Wherewolf guides the user through each section at a time, to avoid distractions and clearly display each form field. You can even create multiple choice or list formats to ensure the guest has read through information fully. 
  • Can guests take their time to fully read and sign the waiver?
    One of the biggest benefits of being able to send out waivers ahead of time is that guests can take all the time they need to really understand what they’re signing electronically. Not only does this make for a better customer experience – it could also improve safety for your guest activities as everyone is better informed.
  • Is your liability waiver professionally presented?
    Presenting your online waiver professionally will help guests to take the waiver seriously and associate your brand with a smooth and modern experience to boot. Just check out the great guest responses for New Zealand River Jet after they introduced their new iPad waiver with Wherewolf.
  • Can your waiver pre-fill guest data via integration?
    If you have your tour or activity reservation system integrated with Wherewolf, the system can send out waivers automatically after booking with the customer’s details already filled in. This eases the process for guests and allows them to focus on important questions and terms. 
  • Have you had your lawyer draw up or check the waiver?
    Here’s one last tip for an accurate and unambiguous liability waiver. When we’re talking about a legal document for your business, it’s worth going over your liability waivers in detail with your legal advisor to be sure no detail has been missed and that online signatures will be appropriate. This can ensure your liability waiver will stand up if a legal case or claim ever does arise.


To get started building your first digital waivers online, sign up for your free Wherewolf account now or request a demo with our friendly team.

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