News: The Wherewolf x FareHarbor 2-way integration is live!

That’s right. It’s here. 


We are excited to announce that Wherewolf has now released it’s 2-way integration with the FareHarbor reservation system, so you can manage your guests quicker and easier than before!


Provide an intuitive experience for you, your staff, and your guests, with a fully integrated reservation and waiver system from two industry-leading platforms. 


How does it work?

  • When your guests book online, their reservation data is sent to your Wherewolf app. 
  • A waiver is configured especially for that group’s activity and branded to align with your business.
  • Wherewolf send that waiver to the lead booker at a time of your choosing – this can be an email, a text message, or both!
  • When the guest clicks on the link and completes their waiver, they can share that link with their group to make sure everyone is signed in and ready to go.
  • As each waiver is completed, the guests’ names, ages, and complete waiver PDF are shared back to your FareHarbor manifest and stored under the correct booking so you can see exactly who has signed, and who you need to complete a waiver using your Wherewolf iPad app on the day.
  • Don’t forget – a full guest overview is always displayed in your Wherewolf manifest and your same great set of features and management tools are still available.

Wherewolf and FareHarbor users would have received an email update of this. We have support documentation here which I recommend users read; or you can ask for more information from our support team. 

We’re stoked, and we know you must be too! Ask us for guidance any time, we’re happy to help.


Not a Wherewolf user? Chat to a team member and see our platform for yourself! Request a demo here.

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