Our Favourite iPad Stands to Create Your Waiver; Sign-in Kiosk

As a tourism operator there’s a good chance you’ll be taking guest bookings around the clock using some sort of booking or reservation system. Your platform of choice might be Bookeo, FareHarbor, PeekPro, Rezdy, CustomLinc, RTBS, Xola or one of the other platforms on the market. If you’re also digitising your general liability waiver process using Wherewolf, then integrating your booking and waiver solutions is a logical step. Why so? 


Integration means you don’t have to lift a finger for waivers

When you integrate Wherewolf with one of the reservation platforms above, you can configure the system to send out an automatic pre-arrival email or SMS to guests at a set interval after they book. You can also set up an onsite QR code or mobile waiver app to capture any last-minute waiver signatures at the point of check-in. You can literally set and forget about your online waiver service, because it’s integrated smoothly into your booking system. Each completed waiver and its associated guest data is automatically updated in your online database, ready whenever you need to access your trip manifests or daily guest view. 


Integration makes the guest experience seamless

Let’s consider this from the perspective of your guests. As they make a booking for your tour, activity or experience, they receive an SMS or an email that links to a modern liability waiver. Booking information such as their name, chosen activity and email address has already been filled out for them, so all they need to do is read through the information and sign their name digitally – all ahead of the day and with no queueing. You’ve just obtained your necessary waiver signatures, and your guest has had minimal disruption to their day; everyone’s happy!


Integration can lead to higher quality waivers

The other massive benefit of integrating bookings with your electronic waiver service is that with key guest data already entered in the system, it’s much more difficult for guests to half-fill or incorrectly fill out information (no ‘Mickey Mouse’ sign-ins here). Guests are guided through the questions one by one, and you can set mandatory or optional questions to ensure you gain the right information. When it comes to protecting both your guests and your business, we know that gaining accurate information is essential – and with integration, it’s also incredibly easy.


Wherewolf Lite is currently available as a free trial so you can see if our platform is the right digital waiver solution to meet your needs. Curious? You can sign up for your free account here.

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