Wherewolf and ResPax Announce New Integration for Enhanced Waiver Management


Wherewolf is excited to announce a new integration with ResPax Australia, providing a seamless way to manage and share digital waivers directly with the ResPax manifest. This two-way integration enhances the booking and waiver process for guests and operators alike, from reservation through to activity start and beyond.


ResPax bookings are shared with the Wherewolf waiver app, configuring a waiver tailored to the group with the correct dates, activities, terms, and participant details. Digital waivers can be sent ahead of guest’s arrival, with completed waivers neatly displayed on the Wherewolf app.


Wherewolf users can view daily bookings and completed waivers, as well as collect new waivers from guests on-site. The ResPax manifest also displays the waivers associated with each booking  thanks to the brand new two-way integration.


This integration ensures that all guest information is accurately captured and accessible in both Wherewolf and ResPax systems, providing operators with a 360° overview and reducing administrative burdens.


Wherewolf’s integration with ResPax simplifies the waiver management process for operators. This collaboration ensures that all guest information is accurately captured and easily accessible, enhancing the overall guest experience and operational efficiencies,” said Ben Calder, CEO of Wherewolf.


“We are pleased to welcome partners like Wherewolf onboard who share the same goal to make our operators’ lives easier.  With the integration of our two productions, together we offer an even more seamless automated guest and client experience. I extend my gratitude to the teams from Wherewolf and ResPax who worked hand in hand on this project.”  – Tony Bridgewater, CEO from ResPax.


About ResPax

ResPax, founded in 1999 by a group of tour operators, aims to simplify and streamline tourism operations. With over two decades of research and development, ResPax provides a comprehensive suite of customizable software products to meet the unique needs of businesses in the experience sector. Their integrated workflow solutions ensure efficient management and revenue growth, while robust channel management capabilities connect clients to millions of potential customers worldwide.

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For more information on how Wherewolf and ResPax can enhance your operational efficiency and guest experience, visit Wherewolf or contact our support team directly.

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