4 Solutions To 2020’s Challenges

solutions for covid-19 restrictions

The way we travel, interact, and share data is adapting to fit new restrictions and needs. We’ve investigated what your business needs to move forward and found some simple solutions you can get started with right away.

Challenge One: Enticing consumers to your business

Consumers are cautious, and making careful decisions about where they spend their money and why. They’re looking for value, but they’re also looking for ways to help out in their community. Deloitte listed 4 key factors in how quickly the economy can bounce back, stating of the four:

Perhaps most important, trust. People have to have trust in four dimensions: trust that their physical space is safe, trust that their financial concerns are being served, trust that their information is secure, and trust that their emotional and societal needs are being safeguarded.

Dr. Daniel Bachman, Deloitte Economic Forecast

The balance of these factors needs to be considered by businesses looking to bring consumers back into their establishments.

The Solution

I Will Travel Again https://iwilltravelagain.com/

People want to continue enjoying life and after potentially days or weeks of being confined indoors, they are searching for a way to enjoy their area safely. Those four dimensions mentioned above are really useful starting blocks to develop your strategy. 

  • Physical safety: Demonstrate your commitment to proper health and safety guidelines (more on this below at point 3)
  • Financial concerns: Your consumers are more discerning than ever. Centre your brand around who they’re supporting as people, and remind them of who you are as a person and how long you’ve been in the community. Let them know that their dollar will not only give them access to a great experience, but it also keeps you and your team busy at a time where many businesses are struggling.
  • Information security: Data collection is becoming the norm, and stringent standards like the GDPR can keep your guests at ease when they’re sharing their personal information with you. Wherewolf aligns with industry-leading standards that you need to be aware of – read about these below, at point 4. 
  • Emotional/societal needs: This is something you’re probably doing without knowing it. More than ever, people need social interaction and a little positivity in their day, so make sure your team is creating a welcoming and fun environment for them. Encouraging online reviews will inspire other guests to visit you while they look for safe ways to keep themselves entertained, so Wherewolf users should look at their automatic follow-up emails and review the content. Consider a message that’s personalised from you, explaining how valuable their patronage is at this time and the difference a good review online can make.

Challenge Two: Travel restrictions

Travel has been the most obviously disrupted industry of 2020, with the United Nations World Tourism Organization reporting that “of 217 destinations worldwide:

45% have totally or partially closed their borders for tourists – “Passengers are not allowed to enter”

30% have suspended totally or partially international flights – “all flights are suspended”

18% are banning the entry for passengers from specific countries of origin or passengers who have transited through specific destinations

7% are applying different measures, such as quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days and visa measures.

The Solution

promotions for covid-19 restrictions

With international tourism looking less reliable, it’s time to promote your business locally. In 2019, 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business, so put yourself in your customer’s shoes when you’re writing for your website.

This means including your location in description text and page titles. Does your website have a photo of a birthday party at your business? Make sure the alt-text (learn more about that here) describes what is happening, and where – such as ‘birthday party jet skis in north carolina’ or ‘family holiday ziplining on waiheke island’. 

Once you’re sure your website is visible to locals, get active on social media and start running campaigns or promotions to bring in your locals with discounts or group deals. Wherewolf customers can use the Wherewolf Analytics database to pull a list of localised clients, and contact them directly with email offers.

Challenge Three: Sanitation and hygiene

More than ever customers are looking at what your cleaning protocols are – you might even have local governments breathing down your neck too. Whether you, your staff, or your customers are concerned; or whether you just need to make sure you’re ticking the right boxes to remain operational in your jurisdiction, proper sanitation and hygiene is defining businesses around the world. 

The Solution

social distancing for adventure tourism

If you need help on how to clean your facility, the CDC has handy guidelines you can refer to.

If you’re not looking forward to the elbow grease, cut down on the shared surfaces in your business that would need cleaning. Rather than asking guests to check-in at the office, check them in at the door or at the location.

Wherewolf’s contactless waivers are a great way to get your customers to sign in from their own web-enabled devices. Just send them the link and you’ll have a digital record of everyone who arrived, what time, and how to contact them if you need to (as well as covering all your liability needs) without passing the same pen and paper to each person. Read about the free option and our other tiers here.

Challenge Four: Data sharing/security

A lot of businesses are bringing in clipboards for guests to record their attendance which have already had reports of privacy concerns, such as other patrons using the information on the clipboard to ask out other guests on dates (creepy). Digital solutions offer a lot more privacy to the customer, but you need to be sure that the provider is taking your digital security seriously too.

The Solution

A digital waiver/registration form removes any risk of customers peeking at other guest’s details, remember to make sure the provider takes your digital security carefully, and is fully GDPR-compliant.

The data should be fully encrypted, and we recommend going with a purpose-built service to ensure the provider has considered all necessary security measures to keep data safe from any breaches. Generic-style software may be versatile, but should never be used for personal details such as email addresses and medical conditions. For example, you may be able to build a booking inquiry form easily into your website, but reservation software has been carefully designed to gather and store payment credentials and keep them safe from breaches.

Treat your guests’ personal information with the same care. Wherewolf is fully compliant with all GDPR regulations, and is trusted by thousands of businesses around the world – you can find out more about what we do by chatting to our team here.

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