Streamline your Arrival Process with SMS Waivers

Digital waivers can make your life incredibly simple, while streamlining the entire customer experience. This is especially true for guests that fill in their waivers in advance as opposed to on-site.

At Wherewolf, we always get asked the same question – “How can we get the majority of our customers to fill in their waiver from their own devices?”. The answer is simple and could increase the productivity of your business by 40-50%.

Wherewolf recently introduced SMS Waivers to its ever-expanding list of features, which means, waivers can automatically get sent straight to your customer’s mobile phones.

Why is this important? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look at the statistics.

Studies have shown that open rates with SMS can be as high as 98%, in contrast to only 20% for email. The same study shows a 19% click-through rate with SMS, as opposed to 3% with emails.

Texts feel personal and are immediately actioned, whereas emails can be put on the long finger. Email is still an incredibly powerful tool, and your customers will react differently depending on a few different factors like their age, and how far their trip is away.

How do SMS waivers work?

Guests are first prompted to fill in their waivers via email after making a reservation. If 100% of the guests haven’t completed a waiver 24 hours before arrival, they are reminded to do so via SMS. With this method, we’ve seen up to a 91% conversion rate with waivers completed in advance for some of our clients.

But don’t worry, Wherewolf’s arrival application is the only integrated solution available, so even if 10% of your guests have to check-in on location, your customers will still be grouped together by their reservation, making it far easier to manage them on site.

Additionally, Wherewolf’s customer-facing dashboard is a centralized location where your customers can see who has or hasn’t filled in a waiver from their own devices.

Use Case: Imagine you were hosting a school outing and needed 30 parents or guardians to sign a waiver on behalf of a class of minors. Normally, the teacher would have to download, print, hand out, and collect 30 copies of your paper waiver, and then hold on to them until the trip. This is a logistical nightmare and leaves a lot of room for error.

With Wherewolf, the teacher or organizer would have access to a unique landing page where they could see how many waivers have been signed in advance before the trip. So by empowering your customers to be organized amongst themselves, you can ensure your check-in process will be as slick and easy as possible.

Additionally, we recommend having a clear call to action in the email containing your waiver to get the maximum number of guests to fill in their information before arriving. E.g:

Here’s your waiver, please forward the link to everyone else in the group who will be attending so they can complete it from their own devices. If everyone completes this process in advance, it means more time rafting for your group – so please try to be organized.

So if one of your priorities is to have the majority of your waivers completed in advance – you’re in good hands! Wherewolf is the only adventure tourism-focused solution that includes SMS waivers as a feature, and we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make your life a lot easier. So click the button below to request a free zero-obligation demonstration of our solution, and we’ll show you how SMS waivers can have a massive impact on your business.

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