The Easy Way for Venues to Gather and Manage Guest Details from Check-in

Venue bookings are increasingly getting filled, if they’re not already ahead of Christmas. In this COVID-19 era, there’s an overwhelming amount of pressure for venues to minimise contact between people and to maintain an accurate record of who’s attending. So how do you find a system to help you manage these aspects safely and easily?  


The ideal solution is one that allows guests to register, provide information and check-in using their own device. 

This helps to kill the long check-in line; provides contactless check-in options, and gives you a detailed guest record to boot. We’re talking, of course, about Wherewolf.  


With Wherewolf you have several options to allow guests to check-in in a way that suits: 

  1. You can display a branded QR code so guests can scan it and check in on their phone. 
  2. You can send out a link ahead of time so guests can register or check in prior. 
  3. You can integrate Wherewolf with your tour or event booking platform to automatically send out a check-in link for every booking. And, 
  4. With any of our paid plans, you can create a branded arrival app that staff or guests can use at the point of entry. 


Need a waiver signed too? Easy as.

Wherewolf has been developed with activity and liability waivers in mind, so these forms can be seamlessly incorporated into your bespoke registration or check-in process complete with a digital signature. 

You could ask guests about: 

  • Dietary information
  • Any medical conditions
  • Age or other demographic details
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Where guests heard about your event
  • Whether guests want to receive promotional communications from you, and
  • Anything else you might need to know for your events. 

With every guest submission, your central online database is updated in real time and you can see guest information at a glance. Marketing, integration and analytics make guest management a breeze. 


Try Wherewolf for free

If you are searching for a free event registration system then Wherewolf Lite could be the perfect way to get started. We wanted to help businesses in these unique times, which is why we’ve made this plan level free for 12 months. You’ll be able to create your own QR code, send a waiver or registration link and take details of up to 400 guests per month. If you love Wherewolf and want to upgrade to a professional plan, there will be no lock-in contracts holding you down. We’d be happy to take you through a free demo at a time that suits you.

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