What Needs to be Included in a Tour and Activity Waiver?

An accurate waiver can make all the difference for businesses in the tourism industry, helping to protect their long-term success. Risk management and acknowledgement will be an essential feature for many businesses that provide guest experiences. But sitting down and putting together a waiver? That can be a daunting and detailed process. What exactly does an effective tour and activity waiver look like? 


Here’s our quick rundown on the must-haves to include in your tour or activity waiver.


Guest name and details

A liability waiver won’t be worth a jot unless the signing party can be clearly identified. A secure online form is one of the simplest and tidiest ways to gather your guest’s important details, without any risk of illegible handwriting. Using Wherewolf, you can send out a waiver link to each guest to complete ahead of time, or you can ask them to scan a QR code or use your branded app as they arrive. 


Tip: If you integrate Wherewolf with your reservation system, your waivers can be pre-filled with data that customers provided upon booking. You could also automate waiver links to be sent out for each new booking.


Terms, conditions and clauses for your business

These are really the crucial elements for your activity or tour waiver, and for these to be accurate it’s a great idea to work closely with a trusted lawyer. Every business will be different and so will the inherent risks, release clauses and areas of indemnification that can help protect that business. Before you engage your legal specialist to draft up your activity liability waiver, it may be helpful to create a list of all the risks that could apply to your tour or activity. This can help ensure no important detail is left out.


Form fields for useful information

Your tour or activity waiver isn’t just an opportunity to protect your guests and business – it’s also an amazing opportunity to capture useful information that you can use to supercharge your experiences and marketing. Want to know which regions your customers are coming from, or how they first heard about your business? Ask them in your online waiver form! All of the data in a completed form is securely uploaded to your database, ready for your reference and reporting needs. You can even integrate Wherewolf with email automation, marketing and analytics platforms to gain full power from your guest data. 

Wherewolf makes it incredibly easy to manage professional tour and activity liability waivers. You can get started with a free account now, or request a guided tour through the waiver software with one of our friendly product specialists.

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