Wherewolf Insights: What Should Your Digital Waiver Include?

Are you wondering what your waiver should include? Depending on your industry or where you are in the world, there can be a lot of things to consider when formulating your waiver (nothing that Wherewolf can’t handle though!). Walk through the basics here, and make sure you’re on track and protected for any scenario that arises. 


Guest’s Name

Capturing your guest name is crucial to prove that they agreed to participate and were aware of the risks. A lot of operators have also used their digital waiver records to prove that a guest went on a tour in the case of fraudulent payment disputes, which unfortunately occur. 


Guest’s Age

Recording the guest’s age is generally encouraged to add more data to their waiver. The more identifiers you record to prove that specific guest completed a waiver, the more watertight it is! A lot of operators need to know the age of the guest to ensure they can legally sign their own waiver, or if they need a guardian’s name and signature instead. Wherewolf users can watch their analytics become more comprehensive with more guest insights.


Guest’s Email

Another unique identifier for that guest, the guest email will help you to solidify your waiver and enables you to contact that guest if there is an issue or some belongings left behind. Wherewolf users get a free follow-up email sent to each guest after the trip to encourage reviews and social media engagement, as well as access to their Wherewolf database to integrate with Mailchimp or to export for their own e-mail marketing campaigns. Although we recommend reading up on the GDPR and ensuring that you keep within the privacy laws before embarking on any e-mail marketing campaigns of your own!


Guest’s Eligibility

Often there are certain criteria for experiences, or qualifications required. Whether it’s checking for pre-existing injuries or asking after drivers licenses or diving certifications, make sure you’re checking that your guest is fit and able to join in. Some conditions would mean a guest is ineligible to participate, so we always recommend asking these questions and evaluating the final waiver. Very rarely should you set up a waiver that discontinues the process if a guest is marked as ineligible – give the guest the opportunity to respond truthfully, then let your team make an educated decision on whether they should participate. If a guest learns that their condition could mean they don’t get to join in with their friends then you risk getting a second, dishonest waiver from them as a result. 


Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions are the major part of text that makes up your waiver. This is where you lay out for them just what to expect, and what their rights and responsibilities are as a guest. Ensuring your guests are shown this information in a clear and visible manner is crucial, so employ the use of bullet points, paragraphs, headings, and highlighted or bold text to make sure there is no room for confusion. In Wherewolf, your terms and conditions come with a scrollwrap; meaning, the guest has to scroll right to the bottom in order to proceed and submit their waiver so you can be confident that every part of your text has been interacted with.


Bonus Recommendations:


  • Location Information

Learning where your guests are from can turn around your business, from the ground up. Insights like discovering all your guests are local, or you’re getting a lot of guests from a specific country, can lead you to make better business decisions like returning guest discounts, memberships, geo-targeted advertising, translated documents, multilingual staff, and so much more, 


  • COVID Wellbeing


Your state or region may require you to verify a guest’s travel history or COVID test results. Gathering this information in a secure location is ideal, and Wherewolf users have the option of attaching image files to their guest waivers if they need to store scanned copies of vaccine cards or COVID test results. 


  • Marketing Research


While you’re assembling all these other guest insights, the addition of one or two more questions can take your data to the next level. Simple questions like where your guest heard about you, what other experiences they’re doing in the area, and how they travelled to your destination will give you a great cross-section into what makes your guests tick and how you can keep them coming back for more (and raving to their friends about you!). Wherewolf has 

Does your current waiver tick all the boxes? Wherewolf users can request updates and amendments by contacting [email protected] any time. If you’re interested in learning more about Wherewolf and what it can do for your business just request a demo here with one of our team and get a one-to-one walkthrough.

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