Wherewolf. Waging a War on Waste.

How resource efficient is your company? How often do you review your waste management structures? Are you still operating the same processes you were back in 2000? If so, it’s likely time you need a review! By effectively implementing new thinking and technologies you can reduce the amount of time and energy wasted and apply this resource elsewhere. Simples.

Step ONE to your new digital wave of thinking… look at waste differently.

When asked for examples of waste, typically we think of; plastic bags, drinking straws, used paper, food containers and the list goes on. But what we’re actually thinking of are examples of rubbish. Rubbish and waste are different. Waste is non-utilised resource. For example…a fantastic and charming sales person sat in the backroom manually entering data into a spreadsheet (…see where we’re going with this?), this is a waste of the employees time and talent, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this resource is best spent with customers on the shop floor.

Step TWO, keep looking at waste differently.

Don’t get complacent. Keep looking to improve your operational processes and implement new ways that your company can effectively apply the resource you have in-house to reduce waste. 

“So how does Wherewolf fit into all of this?”

Great question. Here are four ways Wherewolf can help your company reduce waste.

1. Waste of paper. By replacing your paper waiver documents with an iPad check-in we drastically reduce the amount of paper wasted. Allowing it to be used for more important things, like doodling.

2. Waste of time. By having your guests check-in on an iPad, we completely remove the need for staffs time currently wasted inputting all that data into a spreadsheet.

3. Waste of space. Now that all your guest information is stored in your Wherewolf database, you no longer need piles of boxes cluttering the staff room filled with old guest documents. Why not put a PingPong table there instead like we did?

4. Waste of money. By combining your savings on the all of the above, resulting in buying less paper, less money on salaries and less money on rental for office space – we save you money.

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