Integrate Wherewolf’s digital waiver with your reservation system!

Wherewolf Digital Waivers integrates with a lot of other useful tools you already use in your business, from PDF storage to email marketing. Today, we’re going to give an overview of the most popular type of integration – our integrations with your booking system.

Your digital waivers aren’t just for on the day of arrival! They can be sent out prior to arrival to save time too. You can insert your waiver link into any automatic emails or texts you send your guests, helping to get them organized faster on the day – but, if you have an integrated reservation system, this process is even better.

To explain how this integration improves your guest experience, let’s start with a standard Wherewolf waiver. 

How can I share my digital waiver with my guests myself, without an integration?

You can share your link with guests by copying it into any text or emails you send your guests before arriving. Onsite, you can create QR Codes that link to your digital waiver so guests can scan the waiver on their own device!

Your liability waiver may need to include information like the date and time the guest is arriving, and what type of tour or activity they’re doing. If you share your digital waiver link with your guests yourself (without an integration), then your guests will be asked to enter this information when the open the waiver. 

How does the reservation system integration work?


When Wherewolf integrates with reservation systems, we receive information about your bookings as they come in like the date and activity, and the size of the group. 

We customize the waiver around their booking data to show only the relevant questions, and to skip the questions we already have answers for.

Tip: If you use other fields in your reservation system, like customer types or equipment allocation, talk to the support team and ask if we can integrate with this too!

Then, Wherewolf uses the lead booker’s email address to send your waivers out for you automatically. This can be as soon as we get the booking, or it can be set to sometime before the tour date, like two days or one week beforehand.

If it’s set to send at a duration before the tour begins (like two days) and someone books within that duration (like the day before), they get their email immediately.

Closer to the activity date means you’re getting the most up to date information from your guests. Just remember, if your guests aren’t likely to have access to their devices or wi-fi in the days leading up to the tour, they may not be able to open their waivers in time.

Do you send texts/SMS too?

We can send out reminder text messages to your guests. Just make sure you’re on the correct tier, and your reservation system is asking for phone numbers in the correct E.164 format!

Does my reservation system receive your waivers?

Yes, depending on what reservation system you’re with.

But even if yours doesn’t offer this feature yet, don’t worry! All Wherewolf users have access to their Wherewolf staff dashboard which have guest waivers, daily manifests, and data analytics. 

Ask a product specialist to show you more here.

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