Why Extreme Activities Can Require a Flexible Waiver Solution

Extreme activities come with an inherent level of risk – in fact, that’s what creates those spikes of adrenaline that keep people coming back for more! There’s nothing like zooming down the side of a mountain or gliding through the air to make you feel alive. 

But the risks and considerations for heli-skiing aren’t the same as hang gliding – so why would the liability waivers for these activities be identical?


Covering all bases


Here’s exactly why it’s so important to be able to customise your activity waiver form if you’re operating an extreme sports business. You’ll want to have every aspect of guest safety covered, from a customised and consistent safety induction, to an activity liability waiver for each unique activity that’s had the ‘I’s dotted and the ‘T’s crossed by your legal advisor. Put simply, you’ll want to know that you’ve done everything in your power to inform your guests of the risks and to equip them with the knowledge to carry out each activity safely. You’ll have all your bases covered.

So how can you manage different waivers for different tours or activities? Rather than wrangling clipboards, pens and folders, you can instead use a flexible waiver system that can automatically send the right digital waiver form to the right guests to complete ahead of time.

Customisation options for activity waivers

With Wherewolf you can customise almost everything, from your waiver form fields to the way that your waivers are sent out.

  • You can customise branding and colours for your forms, and easily customise your own app and QR code so guests can easily check-in and sign waivers on the day.

  • You can create multi-choice or checklist options to ensure your guests are aware of risks and/or safety policies.

  • If you use a booking platform such as Rezdy or Bookeo, Wherewolf can integrate with this so that as a booking comes in the right waiver is sent to the guest via SMS or email. They can complete the waiver form at a time that suits them, and the guest data and signature immediately lands in your online database for use in your trip manifests, analytics and future marketing.

Our case studies include a range of adventure activity operators who have built their own completely customised activity waivers, from white water rafting companies to ziplining operators


Accept up to 400 waivers per month for free!

Keen to try out a flexible waiver system for your unique waivers? Wherewolf Lite offers a free waiver signing app solution for up to 400 monthly waivers, and you can upgrade if you’d like to add integration and full features. You can sign up at no cost right now.

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