Why Integrating Your Booking and Waiver Solution is a Winning Choice

Tourism operators are taking guest bookings around the clock – your platform of choice might be Bookeo, FareHarbor, PeekPro, Rezdy, CustomLinc, RTBS, Xola, or one of the other platforms on the market.

The next step is just in front of you – digitising your liability waiver process using Wherewolf, and integrating your booking and waiver solutions together.

Integration means hassle-free waiver collection.

By integrating Wherewolf with your booking platform, you can set up automatic emails or SMS reminders to guests after they book.

You can even capture last-minute waiver signatures with a QR code or mobile app at check-in. Your online waiver service seamlessly blends with your booking system, updating your database with each completed waiver and guest data – no more manual work required.

But it’s not just about convenience for you, it’s about enhancing the guest experience too. When guests make a booking, they receive a personalized SMS or email with a digital liability waiver. All their information is already pre-filled, so they just have to sign digitally. No mucking around with queues of people and broken pens.

You get the necessary signatures, and your guests have a smooth experience. It’s a win-win.

And that’s not all. Integrating bookings with your waiver service also leads to higher quality waivers. With guest data already in the system, it’s harder for guests to provide incomplete or incorrect information. They are guided through each question, ensuring the right information is collected. When it comes to protecting your guests and your business, accuracy is key, and integration makes it incredibly easy.

Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself if Wherewolf Waivers is the right solution for your digital waiver needs. We’re so confident that we’ve made our Wherewolf Lite app free 😎

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