Why Integrating Your Electronic Waiver Software and Email Marketing is a No-Brainer

The right electronic waiver software makes it quick and convenient for your guests to read and acknowledge a liability waiver before a tour or activity. But did you know this can also open up a world of options for follow-up email marketing? By integrating your Wherewolf online waiver system with an email marketing solution such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact, you can take the following actions:


Build up your glowing reviews
All paid Wherewolf plans already include the option to send out a follow-up email to guests after their experience with you, but by integrating an email automation system such as Mailchimp you can continue to send out ongoing emails and professional messaging to your customers. For example, you could send out an automated email asking for a TripAdvisor or Google review two days after the experience, and then seven days later as a reminder. 


Follow up with personalised, meaningful messaging

Integrating your email marketing system and electronic waiver app allows you to build up a valuable customer database for remarketing. You could encourage guests to rebook the same experience one year on with a discount, or send special offers for family bookings. You might ask people to add their postcode within your waiver form, and then create special offers just for locals.

Tip: you can also integrate Wherewolf to send out SMS offers, through providers like SMS Bulletin and SMSGT.


Get double the value from your data

So your online waiver system can be used as a powerful marketing tool when connected to email automation. But this can be doubly so if you also integrate your reservation and waiver system. This will allow you to capture more guest data from the very moment guests book with you, so you can then tailor guest experiences and email marketing even more effectively. Want to send marketing emails to guests who booked through a certain reseller, or those who booked on their phones? With the right integration this is entirely possible.


Encourage guests to share their great experience
Social marketing is one of the most powerful types around, and if you have the internal resources to capture photos or video of your guest experiences then there’s huge marketing potential to be tapped. You could integrate Fotaflo to email guests free photos of their experience to share on their own social media accounts. Alternatively, you could connect PicThrive to bring in extra income from these photos and videos. 


Wherewolf makes it easy to integrate systems at either end of the waiver process, including reservation systems and email marketing. If you’re keen to get your electronic waiver software connected, you can explore seamless integration options and request a personalised demo of Wherewolf today.

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