Why Zip Lining Can Require a Flexible Waiver Solution

Extreme activities come with an inherent level of risk – in fact, that’s what creates those spikes of adrenaline that keep people coming back for more! There’s nothing like zooming down the side of a mountain or gliding through the air, above the ocean to make you feel alive – right?!

Covering all bases

Here’s exactly why it’s so important to be able to customize your activity waiver form if you’re operating an extreme sports business. You’ll want to have every aspect of guest safety covered, from a customized and consistent safety induction, to an activity liability waiver for each unique activity that’s had the ‘I’s dotted and the ‘T’s crossed by your legal advisor. Put simply, you’ll want to know that you’ve done everything in your power to inform your guests of the risks and to equip them with the knowledge to carry out each activity safely. You’ll have all your bases covered.

Also, since your company may not have the ability to determine the health condition of each participant, it becomes important that every participant signs a waiver form showing they are free from any medical condition that might lead to undue risks to themselves and others.

Not only that, but it’s vital for you as an operator to collect all other information you need, like the rider weight for example, stored in one place, ahead of time.

So how can you manage different waivers for different tours or activities? Rather than wrangling clipboards, pens and folders, you can instead use a flexible waiver system that automatically sends the right digital waiver form to the right guests to complete ahead of time. A great experience for the guest and also for business efficiency – it’s a win, win!

Customization options for activity waivers

From your waiver form fields to the way that your waivers are sent out, the options are endless with digital waivers.

  • You can customise branding and colours for your forms, and easily customise your own app and QR code so guests can easily check-in and sign waivers on the day.
  • You can create multi-choice or checklist options to ensure your guests are aware of risks and/or safety policies.
  • If you use a booking platform such as Fareharbour, Rezdy or Bookeo, integrations are available so that when a booking comes in the right waiver is sent to the guest via SMS or email. They can complete the waiver form at a time that suits them, and the guest data and signature immediately lands in your online database for use in your trip manifests, analytics and future marketing.

The Problem With Paper

A major drawcard for many of our Zipline Operators is they want to continue to enjoy a previously inaccessible area without having an impact on the environment. So eliminating paper which is a part of every check-in is imperative.

“We used to use a lot of paper. All our guests signed an indemnity form at the start and a feedback form at the end,” said Ryan. That’s thousands of pieces of paper every year that South African law insisted we had to keep for at least three years.”

“It was a container load. It was horrible!”

Sustainability plays an important role in Ryan’s business and he’s enthused about the paper savings – and the power of digital waivers versus paper.

“In the past sometimes people would scratch something out on our paper forms or wanted to make some exclusions,” Ryan from Cape Canopy Tours said. With the digital form they’re unable to make any changes, which removes legal worries. “Everyone signs a standard set of clauses that our attorneys want us to include.”

Another challenge for Ryan under the paper-based system was finding details of previous guests who he wanted to get in touch with again. He can now search by a guests last name and look up all of their details in seconds through the Wherewolf Dashboard.

With the ZipLine season looming, it’s not too late to unleash your business potential and go digital today.

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions to [email protected], our wolfpack would love to hear from you!

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